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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Marge protested against the traffic light language

Civic finance was heavily criticized by CDU boss Merz before the vote. Now he follows up – and condemns the language used by the Traffic Light Coalition in the debate.

In the dispute over civic income, CDU chairman Friedrich Marz criticized the choice of words used by the Traffic Light Alliance. “I’ve noticed a lot of nervousness in the coalition, even in using language that we’ve known so far from extreme Americans,” Marge told Funke Media Group newspaper (Friday).

“Our criticism is realistic and in line with the Federal Audit Office, the Municipal Umbrella Organization and the Federal Employment Agency. I will not let this radicalization of political language, in which unfortunately the FDPO also participates, prevent us from being fundamental. Strong convictions.” Marge did not name any examples in the interview.

Merz on Citizen Income: “It needs fundamental revision”

Disputes over citizens’ income planned for January 1 will be resolved at an evening meeting next week. According to the Bundesrat, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat’s mediation committee, which is supposed to find a compromise, will meet next Wednesday at 7 p.m. As desired by the federal government, the state chamber will finally discuss the Citizens Income Act next Friday (November 25). Citizens Income is intended to replace the current Hertz IV system.

Among other things, the reform provided for higher standard rates and more detailed assistance for the unemployed. The union rejected Labor Minister Hubertus Heil’s (SPD) proposal, saying that the affected people should be granted what they consider to be too protective assets. Also, according to the union, they have to fear fewer sanctions for future breaches of duty. As a result, the draft did not receive a majority in the Bundesrat after it had already passed in the Bundestag.

“Fundamental revisions are needed before the union agrees to such reforms,” ​​Marge Funke told the newspaper. “The mediation committee’s deliberations will focus on proper incentives for returning to the labor market, placement priorities, obligations to cooperate, waiting periods and protective resources.”


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