“Last generation” – speed limit “strangely unimportant”?


Anja Uman blames “the last generation” for her twin sister’s death after the accident. Endangering people is morally unacceptable, he said in “Michburger.”

The circumstances of Sandra Uman’s death have not yet been conclusively clarified. Her twin sister Anja Uman also sees the “last generation” of climate activists as responsible. There are many indications that her sister might still be alive, she said on the ARD talk show “Michburger” Wednesday evening — if an emergency vehicle hadn’t been stuck in a traffic jam caused by protesters blocking the road. His message to the “last generation”: “Consider whether hatred, anger and destruction are the right means of change.”


  • Anja Uman, fashion designer
  • Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), foreign politician
  • Ralf Stegner (SPD), foreign politician
  • Hannes Jennicke, actor
  • Alev Dogan, journalist “The Pioneer”
  • Wolfram Weimer, preacher

Uman accuses the “last generation” of hindering the facilitators in their actions: “My sister’s case is just one example, which clearly illustrates what can happen in the worst case – but it is not the only one.” Berliner cited data from the fire brigade, according to which, since July 2022, rescue workers have been delayed 13 times in 18 actions by climate protesters.

“In my opinion, it shows the problem of where the public safety risk is consciously accepted, which in my view morally and ethically oversteps the mark and is no longer justified,” said the 44-year-old.


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Appeal to the “last generation”.

Uman and her sister founded a vegan and sustainable fashion label. “That’s why we can always identify ‘last generation’ targets. We just took a different path,” Berliner said. He urged the “last generation” to reconsider: “Make yourself work, make an active contribution; try to convince with solutions instead of blind protests.”

But Oman also saw that politicians and administration were partly to blame. “Cycling in Berlin is life-threatening,” he criticized in “Mischburger”. Where her sister was driven by a concrete mixer, a large construction site, a dilapidated bike path and awkward paths would force cyclists onto the road. “This is a place where cyclists are fair game on the road,” Uman said.

When a cyclist is killed every month in a big city like Berlin, eventually something has to change. But there is also a “struggle” between road users: “Finding a more tolerant, more caring way to treat each other must be a first step where each of us can contribute something.”

Speed ​​limits “weirdly unimportant”?

The claimed speed limit of the “last generation” has previously caused controversy among commentator groups. “Cicero” founder Wolfram Weimer said: Only one percent of German roads have no speed limit: “It’s very unimportant, but it’s so politicized.” He drives actor Hannes Janney crazy. “There’s no argument against speed limits. We’re the only country in the world that doesn’t. A first-grader knows that a car spends less at 100km than at 160,” he grumbled. .

As expected, the conversation between foreign experts Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP) and Ralf Stegner (SPD) was heated. The Traffic Light Coalition partners are often invited as a duo by talk show producers because of their differing attitudes towards the war in Ukraine. “Do we have to supply battle tanks now so we can show we have a leadership role?” asked the Social Democrat. “Yes,” confirmed the chairwoman of the Bundestag’s defense committee. “It’s about taking the initiative sometimes.”



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