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“Liar, stupid talker” | New record: There is more bullying in the Bundestag

The mood in the Bundestag is getting rougher. Almost a year after the formation of Parliament, there were a record number of calls for order.

The number of calls to order in the Bundestag has reached a new record since reunification. Just one year after the formation of the new parliament, one member of parliament was reprimanded 19 times for such inappropriate behaviour. For comparison: during his last term in office, this number was reached just over two years later. One group in particular stands out in a particularly negative way.

Twelve of the 19 calls to order were for the AfD. The SPD received two calls for the order, two more from unions. Three non-aligned members of parliament sided with Matthias Helferich.

The AfD is also particularly noteworthy in individual statistics: with a total of five calls to order, AfD politician Beatrix von Storch violated the “parliamentary dignity” more often than all other MPs. In second place, each with three calls to order, were their teammates Stefan Brandner and Matthias Helferich. The latter was once the AfD’s deputy state spokesman in North Rhine-Westphalia, entering the Bundestag in 2021, but was non-aligned under pressure from the AfD leadership after right-wing extremist statements by him became public. Christian Petrie, an MP, can be blamed for two of the SPD’s calls to order. The Greens, the Left and the FDP seem to be best behaved: so far, not a single call to order has been recorded for the three groups.

imago image 153654594
A friend of the party was called by order of the barbell bus: SPD politician Christian Petrie. (Source: Christian Speaker/Imago Image)

There are several reasons for calling to order. Often it was about insults like “liar” (Stefan Brandner about SPD politician Ralf Stegner) or “dumb babbler” (AFD MP Petr Baistron about SPD politician Christian Petri).

imago image 170906842
Called the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution an “extremist of authority”: unaffiliated AfD politician Matthias Helferich. (Source: Joerg Carstensen/imago images)

But it wasn’t just bullying each other: the non-aligned aide received a call for an order when he called the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, an “installed authority extremist”. Controversy Among other things, Stefan Brandner was called to order because of his allusions to National Socialism; He described members of other factions as “politically aligned”. Beatrix von Storch showed a certain versatility and illiteracy: sometimes she did not wear a mask despite orders, then she insulted fellow members of parliament as “complete idiots” or “baby killers”, then again she posted a photo from a meeting on social networks.

The first call to order was for an AfD politician

Another AfD politician got the first call to order in the new legislature: Thomas Seitz, who became known to the wider public when he fell seriously ill with the corona after previously making fun of the pandemic system in the Bundestag by wearing a hold-out. the mask

Thomas Seitz with a net mask in November 2020: Shortly after his sensational appearance, Seitz became seriously ill with the corona virus.
AfD politician Thomas Seitz received the first call to order this election period: He took a picture of Green politician Max Luck and posted it on Facebook with a derogatory comment. (Source: political-moment/imago-images-images)

On December 16, during the ongoing plenary session, he posted a photo of young Green MP Max Lucks on Facebook and wrote: “Even as a self-proclaimed ‘gay Catholic’ you don’t have to go to the lectern. A dress. Max Lucks – what party is coming up?” ” Lucks wore a combination of sneakers and suit trousers that were deliberately too short. But the process did not go unnoticed and was immediately punished by new Bundestag President Barbel Bass (SPD) with a call to order.

Even with reprimands made for minor violations of the parliament’s dignity, this Bundestag is already at a record level since the fall of communism: ten reprimands have already been handed down this electoral term, and thus as many as the entire previous legislature. .


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