Ukraine war news Biden and Xi condemned Russia’s threat of nuclear weapons


264th day since the start of the war: The US and Russia are apparently negotiating in Turkey. Selenskys recaptured Cherson. All information on news blog.

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The United States and China have condemned Russia’s nuclear threat

2:53 pm: US President Joe Biden and Chinese President and Party Leader Xi Jinping condemned Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The White House said after the president’s meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali on Monday that both sides agreed “there will never be a nuclear war.”

Report: US, Russia hold talks in Ankara

2:05 PM: According to a media report, Russian and US representatives met in the Turkish capital Ankara for talks. The meeting was not announced publicly, the Russian newspaper Kommersant, reported an internal quote. The newspaper did not give any further information about the purpose of the talks. Only so that the head of the Russian foreign intelligence service SWR, Sergei Naryskin, should be included in the Russian delegation.

The Russian president’s office said it could neither confirm nor deny the report. A Turkish government representative declined to comment. Turkey has repeatedly offered to mediate since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the first few weeks after the start of the war, there were fruitless talks between Ukraine and Russia on a cease-fire in Istanbul. Additionally, Turkey reached an agreement with the United Nations in July allowing Russia to export grain from Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

NATO boss Stoltenberg: Only Ukraine decides to negotiate

1:38 pm: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that Ukraine alone will decide on possible peace talks with Russia. It is not up to Western partners to urge Ukraine to negotiate. “Only Ukraine decides what terms are acceptable to them,” Stoltenberg said in The Hague on Monday. It is up to NATO partners to continue supporting the country. The NATO chief met with Dutch Foreign Minister Wapke Hoekstra and Defense Minister Kasja Wollongren in The Hague.

Dutch ministers also said Ukraine could count on the country’s full support, including arms, money and sanctions. “As long as it takes,” Defense Secretary Ollongren said.

The Netherlands provided another 110 million euros to aid Ukraine over the winter. The money will primarily be used to repair damaged infrastructure and buy fuel and food.

Jens Stoltenberg: According to NATO Secretary General, Ukraine will decide on peace talks with Moscow.
Jens Stoltenberg: According to NATO Secretary General, Ukraine alone decided to negotiate peace with Moscow. (Source: PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW)

Lithuania provides more vehicles

1 2 o’clock: Ukraine received 12 more M113 armored vehicles from Lithuania as military aid in its war against Russia. The Ministry of Defense in Vilnius announced on Monday that the EU and NATO countries have handed over ten armored mortars with 120 millimeter caliber ammunition and two fire control tanks to Kiev. The Baltic states have already delivered a total of 62 M113 vehicles to Ukraine for various purposes. “Lithuania continues to meet its obligations,” the statement quoted Defense Minister Arvydas Anusaskas as saying.

Lithuania has said it has provided extensive military aid to Ukraine since the Russian attack in late February. Weapons supplied included Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons and mortars.

Kyiv revoked accreditation of journalists

11:45 am: According to Ukraine’s military, it has revoked the accreditation of several Western journalists after reporting from the recently recaptured Cherson region. “Recently, some media representatives ignored the existing restrictions and warnings and started reporting from Kherson without the consent of the army commander and the responsible public relations department before stabilization measures were completed,” common activists supported the coercive measures on Facebook. monday


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