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“The world is big enough for both of us”

Their relationship is more difficult than ever – now the heads of state of the United States and China are sitting at the same table again for the first time. You go closer.

The US and China are trying to mend their broken relationship. Also in the wake of Russia’s nuclear threat in a war against Ukraine, US President Joe Biden and China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping contacted each other on Monday. There was no real compromise in their first personal meeting as head of state. However, the new tone could help lead to a final announcement at the G20 summit of the most important industrialized and emerging nations in Bali that was little expected beforehand.

Because Russia is apparently ready to accept that it includes a passage condemning the war against Ukraine. According to one Western diplomat, the Russian attack was clearly described as a war and not a special military operation, as Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin usually does.

Russia’s approval of the draft text is seen as a possible sign that Moscow can no longer rely on the support of its powerful partner China when it comes to Ukraine in the G20 group.

General criticism of the Russian nuclear threat

The two-day G20 summit in Bali officially begins today, Tuesday. Hours earlier, according to the US, Biden and Xi unanimously condemned Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. After the three-hour meeting, the White House announced that both sides had agreed that “a nuclear war should never be fought.” The Chinese side did not mention this warning. All it said was that Xi Jinping repeated his earlier statement that wars produce no winners.

The US president then insisted that there was no need for a “new cold war”. He is not looking for a conflict with China, but rather a fierce competition. Xi Jinping said, the world is big enough for our two countries to develop and prosper together. The success of China and the US is “an opportunity, not a challenge, for each other”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the US President and Chinese leader’s no to the use of nuclear weapons. After arriving in Bali, the chancellor said “it’s great” that the two have again made it clear that the use of nuclear weapons must be abolished and that there is a red line that must not be crossed.

Exciting relationship

Relations between China and the United States have recently hit rock bottom. The list of contentious issues is long: China’s previously unreserved support for Russian President Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine, the trade war and US sanctions, China’s saber-rattling against democratic Taiwan, human rights abuses and the persecution of minorities such as the Uyghurs. . Heads of government addressed many of these issues in Bali – but rarely came close to content.

According to Chinese sources, Xi Jinping expressed “deep concern over the current situation in Ukraine”. China supports the resumption of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. The United States, NATO and the European Union should also conduct a comprehensive dialogue with Russia.

“There is no Ukraine without Ukraine”

China has not yet criticized Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and has so far offered political support to President Vladimir Putin.

Biden insisted that Washington would not enter into any negotiations without Kiev. “There is nothing in Ukraine without Ukraine,” he said, referring to Russia’s repeated offers to negotiate. The US president described the recapture of the regional capital Kherson by Ukrainian forces as a “significant victory”. Ukraine’s army is “truly amazing”.

Biden: An attack on Taiwan is not imminent

According to the White House, Biden warned Xi Jinping against military force against Taiwan — but also addressed fears of an imminent attack. “I don’t think there will be any attempt by China to invade Taiwan,” he said.

Beijing views the Democratic Island Republic as part of the People’s Republic of China, while Taiwan considers itself independent. As the first US president, Biden has clearly stated that the US will also come to the aid of Taiwan with armed forces in case of an attack by China.

Xi Jinping urged the US president to stay away from conflict. “Resolving the Taiwan issue is a matter of China and China’s internal affairs,” he said, according to Chinese sources. It is “the first red line that should not be violated in relations between China and the United States”. Taiwan, on the other hand, welcomed Biden’s pledge.


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