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The middle of the society is becoming radical

According to political scientist Wolfgang Krauser, the biggest threat to democracy comes from the right. Center is also radicalizing.

Political scientist Wolfgang Krauscher warns of a growing radicalization of social mediocrity. “I am firmly convinced that we are dealing with a new and stronger climate of radicalism. That is why I do not speak of extremism, but radicalism, because the term better reflects social dynamics,” Krauscher told “Spiegel”. .


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According to him, the biggest threat to democracy comes from the right. To this day, new right-wing terrorist groups continue to emerge, such as the United Patriots, which not only planned the kidnapping of Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, but also staged a real coup, Krauscher said. “If, as in recent times, Economy Minister Robert Habeck is shown as a puppet in prisoner’s clothing at a corona demo in Saxony, and even moderate citizens cheer the spectacle, it is an expression of the fact that the center is becoming radicalized.”

Krauscher: The right-wing establishment has been systematically undermined

Krauscher demanded political consequences. “We need a changed security concept for the huge challenges from the right. And we don’t just have to look at the fringes, we have to include the middle of society — as a potential terrain for radicalization.”

The political scientist says society should not leave the fight against right-wing extremism to the authorities alone. Right-wing structures have been systematically undermined and excluded in Germany for decades. “We have to protect ourselves.”


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