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Kremlin hardliner Dugin has issued death threats to Putin

In an open letter, Alexander Dugin blamed the Russian ruler for the withdrawal from Cherson. The limit has been reached.

After Russian troops withdrew from the city of Cherson, right-wing nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin issued death threats to Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. It originates from a letter published by the Russian television station “Tsargrad TV”. In it, Dugin, who is also considered Putin’s strategist, openly criticized the withdrawal from Kherson and blamed the Russian leadership for it. As an authoritarian ruler, Putin must take responsibility for the defeat.

“Despotism has a negative side,” Dugin writes: “absolute power for success, but also absolute responsibility for failure.” To explain Putin’s possible fate, Dugin cites the work “The Golden Branch” by Scottish anthropologist James Fraser. In it, a Tsar is killed because he fails to bring rain in a drought. If the ruler does not succeed in saving the people, “then the fate of the rain tsar awaits him,” the ideologue wrote.

In Telegram, the letter is now debunked by an account that can be attributed to Alexander Dugin. The West has begun to imply that after the Russian withdrawal from Kherson, it has turned against Putin and demanded his resignation. “This allegation came out of nowhere and is based on a message that I allegedly deleted,” the statement said. “No one turned their back on Putin.”

“Limit Reached”

According to Dugin, neither the Russian army nor Ukrainian army commander Sergei Surovykin is responsible for the withdrawal from Kherson. “You-know-who” is blamed. Dugin did not mention Putin by name anywhere in the letter.

“The Russian authorities cannot give up anything else. The limit has been reached,” Dugin wrote at the end of the letter, making his expectations clear to the Kremlin chief. “The state of the victorious West, this satanic civilization, will never be acceptable to Moscow.”


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