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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

War Russian occupiers evacuate Noa Kachouka

Russia has cleared the city of Nova Kakhovka dam

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Heavy shelling near Kherson: Footage shows Ukrainian troops retaking area. (Source: T-Online)
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262nd day since the start of the war: President Selenskij reports numerous recoveries, Russia bans relatives of the US president. All information on news blog.

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Noa Kachoka: Russian occupiers want to evacuate the city

7:27 pm: Following the withdrawal of troops from the right bank of the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine’s Cherson region, the Russian occupiers have also now announced that they will evacuate the dam city of Novaya Kakhovka across the river.

Kakhovka’s administration is withdrawing to a safe place together with the city’s citizens, local crew chief Pavel Filipchuk said in a speech to the population on Saturday, according to Russian state news agency TASS. He urged people in a defined zone of 15 km to leave their homes.

It is feared that the embankment may be destroyed due to shelling and the area may be flooded. For weeks, Russians and Ukrainians have accused each other of planning such a provocation. Ukrainian forces have identified the Kakhovka administration as the “number one target of terrorist attacks” in the region, Filipchuk claimed. Ukraine has denied sabotage.

Russia wants to make Henichesk the capital of Kherson Oblast

6:52 PM: After the conquest of Cherson, Russia wanted to designate a new administrative center in the annexed region in violation of international law. Russian state news agency Ria Novosti quoted Alexander Fomin, press spokesman for the Russian occupiers in Kherson: “Today is Sunday, the new seat of the Henichesk administration.”

Ukraine warns of Russian missile attack during G-20 summit in Bali

3:37 pm: Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat warned of Russian missile attacks at the November 15-16 G20 summit in Bali. Ignat told public television channel NTU on Sunday that he expected Russian “provocation” during the summit.

An adviser to Ukraine’s president, Anton Gerashchenko, tweeted Ignat’s warning, adding, referring to Russia’s withdrawal from the strategically important city of Kherson: “We know that after a defeat, Russia takes revenge on the civilian population.”

Russia has partially closed the Kerch Strait

2:18 pm: The Kerch Strait is the strait that connects the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Azov. In the future, only ships loaded in Russia will be allowed to cross strategically important sea lanes. Russian state news agency TASS reported this information on Sunday. The Kremlin-linked news site cited the General Directorate of Shipping in Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure as the source.

Another Banksy painting from Ukraine has surfaced

1:07 pm: Another photo found on the wall of a bombed house in Ukraine. Apparently, it’s also a work of street artist Banksy.

Russian occupiers moved the administrative center to Kherson

11.05 am: After withdrawing from Cherson, the regional capital of southern Ukraine, the Russian occupiers moved their regional administrative center to the part of the region of the same name that they still control. A large part of the Russian administration has already moved to the city of Henichesk, Russia’s state news agency reported on Saturday, citing a spokesman for the Kherson occupation administration.

Henichesk lies just southeast of Cherson on the Sea of ​​Azov and just a few dozen kilometers from the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Moscow re-annexed in 2014.


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