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Ukrainians celebrate advance in Kherson

Ukrainian President Kherson celebrates a stage victory, the EU wants to financially support freight traffic. The most important thing of the night.

Following the withdrawal of Russian troops, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy reported that his own troops were advancing south of the country toward the regional capital of Cherson. “Today is a historic day,” Zelenskij said in his daily video address Friday evening. At the same time, his country had to defend the newly reclaimed territory against new Russian invasions.

Meanwhile, the EU wants to provide financial support for freight transport in Ukraine, which has been badly damaged by the war. With food shortages, the United Nations has called on countries around the world to remove barriers to fertilizer exports from Russia. Russia, in turn, imposed an entry ban on another 200 Americans. Saturday is the 262nd day of the war.

Zelensky: The people of Kherson never gave up on Ukraine

Zelensky said the city of Kherson was still not completely freed from the “enemy’s presence”. But Ukrainian special forces are already on the scene. Residents of Kherson also independently removed Russian symbols from streets and buildings. Zelenskij also released a video purportedly showing a motorcade and cheering choirs for approaching Ukrainian troops. “The people of Kherson are waiting. They have never given up on Ukraine,” said the head of state.

Under pressure from Ukraine’s counteroffensive, Russia announced on Wednesday that it was withdrawing its troops from the Cherson region northwest of the Dnipro River. Cherson, the regional capital of the same name, is also located there. For the first time since the beginning of the war, Russia has lost a large part of a territory in violation of international law and, against this background, has described it as its own state territory.

Selenskij informed Scholes about the progress of the Ukrainian army

Selenskij informed Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) by telephone of the progress of his armed forces in Cherson. In addition to the military, the political and humanitarian situation in Ukraine was also discussed, according to government spokesman Steffen Hebestraat. Both politicians “condemned the ongoing targeted shelling of Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure by Russian armed forces and discussed concrete steps to strengthen Ukraine’s energy infrastructure”. Scholz confirmed Ukraine’s continued support with current priorities in energy infrastructure and air defense.


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Shelling in Russia’s Kherson Abandoned Zone

Russia, for its part, said it had launched its first offensive in the part of the Cherson region that had just been abandoned. “Currently, troops and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being shelled on the right bank of the Dnipro River,” the Defense Ministry said in Moscow. Just a few hours ago, the authorities announced that all Russian units in the southern Ukrainian region had moved to the left bank of the river. According to information from Moscow, a total of more than 30,000 troops are now stationed southeast of the Dnipro.

One billion euros to support the expansion of freight traffic with Ukraine

Together with partners, the EU intends to invest around one billion euros in alternative freight connections between Ukraine and other countries. The so-called solidarity corridors are currently the only way for Ukraine to export non-agricultural goods, the EU Commission and other parties involved have said. Additionally, goods such as fuel or humanitarian aid can only be imported through them.

Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine primarily traded through its main Black Sea ports. However, they can currently only be used to transport selected agricultural products, as the necessary safety guarantees for other transports do not exist.

The United Nations has demanded an end to the ban on fertilizer exports from Russia

Meanwhile, the United Nations has called on countries around the world to remove obstacles to the export of fertilizers from Russia. “The world cannot afford the global problem with fertilizer availability leading to global food shortages,” the United Nations said Friday evening after talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin and his delegation in Geneva.

Russia questioned the continuity of a July grain deal that allowed Ukrainian exports through the Black Sea. Moscow had halted exports since the start of its war of aggression against Ukraine. The contract expires on November 19. Russia complains that Western sanctions mean it is barely able to export its own food and fertilizer to world markets. Uninterrupted exports of food and fertilizer from Russia were central to the talks, along with an extension of the grain deal.


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