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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Ukraine war on newsblog Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Condemns Russian ‘Hunger Games’

Extensive plant damage in Kharkiv

1 o’clock: The UN nuclear agency has reported severe damage to Ukraine’s nuclear research facility in Kharkiv. However, there is no evidence that radioactive material has escaped or that radioactive material has been lost, explained Rafael Mariano Grossi of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). An IAEA team inspected the Institute of Technology from 8th to 10th November

Russia has imposed sanctions on Biden’s relatives

10:02 pm: Russia on Friday imposed a travel ban on 200 other US citizens, including the siblings of US President Joe Biden and several senators. Moscow’s foreign ministry said the 200 people affected included government officials and lawmakers, their close relatives, business leaders and experts “involved in anti-Russian propaganda and supporting the government in Kiev.”

The blacklist includes Biden’s sister Valerie and his brothers James and Francis, as well as White House Speaker Karin Jean-Pierre and US Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. US author and Russia expert Anne Appelbaum, Politico editor-in-chief Matthew Kaminsky and Paul Pelosi, husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were also banned from entering the country.

Washington and other Western countries have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia in response to Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. In return, Russia has already banned more than a thousand US citizens from entering the country, including Hollywood stars Ben Stiller and Sean Penn.

UN: Fertilizers from Russia should no longer be blocked

9:47 PM: The United Nations has called on the countries of the world to remove obstacles to the export of fertilizers from Russia. “The world cannot afford the global problem of fertilizer availability leading to global food shortages,” the United Nations said Friday evening after talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin and his delegation in Geneva.

Russia questioned the continuity of a July grain deal that allowed Ukrainian exports through the Black Sea. Russia had stopped exporting ever since the war of aggression against the neighboring country began. The contract expires on November 19. Russia complains that Western sanctions mean it is barely able to bring its own food and fertilizer exports to world markets. Uncontrolled exports of food and fertilizers, including ammonia, from Russia were at the center of negotiations with the extension of the grain agreement.

Ukraine: “A wall is being built on the border with Belarus”

7.20 pm: According to Ukraine, they are building a concrete wall and barrier along the more than 1,000 km border with Russia’s ally Belarus. “A wall is being built on the border with Belarus,” presidential adviser Kirill Tymoshenko said on his Telegram channel.





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