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Fireworks return on New Year’s Eve – cities enact no-go zones

At the beginning of the year New Year’s rockets and fireworks are again available for sale for free. However, fireworks cannot be lit everywhere.

After two years without selling rockets and fireworks, New Year’s Eve is expected to be louder and more colorful again this year. Nevertheless, according to a survey by the German Press Agency, fireworks on December 31 are prohibited in certain areas.

In Berlin, as in previous years, there should be a no-gun zone in Alexanderplatz, also in the so-called Steinmetzkije in Schöneberg near Palaustrasse and in some streets in Alt-Moabit. A final decision is expected in December, the Senate Interior Department announced.

In 2019, the Senate issued the first-ever no-gun zone, erecting barriers and posting hundreds of police officers there to control access. Even before this, there have always been injuries and collisions. Prohibition worked.

Sales restrictions are not predictable

At the beginning of 2021/22, the purchase of fireworks was banned across Germany due to the corona pandemic. In addition, the Berlin Senate established 54 prohibited zones in large squares, streets and parks, where fireworks and fireworks were prohibited. However, such a ban is only possible if an epidemic situation of national importance is identified, the Senate said.


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no more Restrictions on sales and restrictions on shopping and gatherings for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are not foreseeable. In 2020 and 2021, they were imposed at the beginning of the year to prevent hospitals from being overloaded during the corona pandemic – preventing injuries when fireworks are set off on New Year’s Eve. According to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the decision to ban fireworks on New Year’s Eve is now up to cities and districts.

Numerous cities have banned crackers in inner cities

In several large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, there should be a no-gun zone on New Year’s Eve for safety reasons. According to a DPA survey, among the ten largest cities in the most populous federal states, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bielefeld intend to do so. In Düsseldorf, for example, the carrying and burning of fireworks in the old town will be banned at the start of the year, a spokesman for the state capital said.

In Munich, fireworks will be banned again on December 31 inside the Mittler Ring, while in Nuremberg the previous ban zone around the main market and the Kaiserburg will remain in place, according to the city “for the safety of the crowd and legally protected buildings”.

Regensburg should ban fireworks in the old town on New Year’s Eve. A city spokesman said the aim was to protect monuments such as cathedrals and sensitive facilities such as old people’s houses and to prevent “the danger of explosives in the crowded old town”. In Bremen and Hanover, crackers should be banned again in certain areas.

Environmentalists call for a ban on private fireworks

No decision has yet been made on the exclusion zones in Hamburg and Frankfurt. And Chemnitz sees no basis for prohibition. The city has announced that the daily average limit for particulate pollution is 50 micrograms per cubic meter, which can be exceeded up to 35 times a year. Exceeding the limit will be allowed on New Year’s Eve as there have been no violations this year.

Regardless of this, the following applies throughout Germany: In the vicinity of churches, hospitals, children’s and old people’s homes, and especially fire-sensitive buildings, no pyrotechnics may be lit, i.e. no fireworks or rockets may be lit.

For some, that doesn’t go far enough. German Environmental Aid is campaigning for a ban on private New Year’s Eve fireworks, arguing, among other things, the high levels of fine dust pollution, waste volume and burden on animals from fireworks and rockets on New Year’s Eve.

Police unions: Painful but useful measures

The Police Union (GDP) is in favor of a general ban on fireworks on New Year’s Eve. GDP National Chairman Jochen Koeppelke said, due to the huge and completely unnecessary production of pollutants and the mountains of garbage on the streets on New Year’s morning, this is a measure that may be painful for many, but meaningful.


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