Unauthorized immigration will increase by 63 percent in 2021


German authorities registered an increase in illegal entries. Corona epidemic may also increase.

The federal police noticed a significant increase in illegal immigration in Germany last year: officials registered 57,637 unauthorized entries, a 63 percent increase over the previous year and the highest level since 2017, according to the federal police. From the annual report of the Federal Police, Interior Minister Nancy Fesser (SPD) and Federal Police President Dieter Roman want to present this Friday in Berlin. It is available from the German Press Agency. ‘Bild’ newspaper also reported.

This increase may also have something to do with the onset of the Corona pandemic in 2020. Travel bans and flight cancellations have meant significantly fewer asylum seekers than usual have arrived in Germany for months According to the report, more migrants who arrived in Eastern European Union countries via Belarus arrived in Germany from August 2021. The EU has accused its ruler, Alexander Lukashenko, of systematically bringing migrants from the crisis zone to the EU’s external borders.

Irregular internal migration between EU countries also played a role, according to the report, particularly from Greece. Persons recognized as refugees in Greece fly to Germany to apply for asylum again. According to the Federal Police, more than 100 people were seen doing it on peak days. About half of those who entered the country illegally and were picked up by federal police at the border came from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, the report said.



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