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Ukraine war on newsblog Ukraine: “A wall is being built on the border with Belarus”

Ukraine is building a fence on the border with Belarus

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Updated on 11/11/2022 – 7:40 pmReading Time: 31 minutes.

Heavy shelling near Kherson: Footage shows Ukrainian troops retaking area. (Source: T-Online)
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261st day since the start of the war: President Selenskij reports numerous recoveries. A strategically important bridge collapsed near Cherson. All information on news blog.

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Ukraine: “A wall is being built on the border with Belarus”

7.20 pm: According to Ukraine, they are building a concrete wall and barrier along the more than 1,000 km border with Russia’s ally Belarus. “A wall is being built on the border with Belarus,” presidential adviser Kirill Tymoshenko said on his Telegram channel.

In the Volyn region in the extreme northwest of Ukraine, a first section of three kilometers has been completed. The photo published by Tymoshenko shows a fortified wall with barbed wire. Work is also underway in the regions of Rivne and Chitomir, Tymoshenko said. He did not give more details. “That’s not all, but we won’t divulge any details.”

The image of the adviser to the president of Ukraine talks about building a wall on the Belarusian border.
The image of the adviser to the president of Ukraine talks about building a wall on the Belarusian border. (Source: Telegram/Kyrilo Tymoshenko)

The government in Minsk has repeatedly insisted that it does not want to get involved in the war. However, it allows Russia to deploy its troops on Belarusian territory and launch attacks on neighboring Ukraine from there. A few weeks ago, the ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, announced the formation of a joint military alliance with Russia.

Selenskij spoke of a “historic day” in Cherson

19:00 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy described the recovery of the city of Kherson as an extraordinary event. “Today is a historic day. We are in the process of taking back Cherson,” he said in a video speech. The country’s armed forces are standing in front of the city, which is already home to special forces.

He said the city was still not completely free from “enemy presence”. But Ukrainian special forces are already on the scene. Residents of Kherson also independently removed Russian symbols from streets and buildings. Zelenskij also released a video purportedly showing a motorcade and cheering choirs for approaching Ukrainian troops. “The people of Kherson are waiting. They have never given up on Ukraine,” said the head of state. “It will be the same in cities that are still waiting for us to recover.”

Scholz called Selenskyz

5:52 PM: Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ahead of the G20 summit. Government spokesman Stephane Hebestrate announced on Friday that it was about the military, political and humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Zelensky informed the chancellor about the latest developments in the situation in the Cherson region. Both politicians also “condemned the ongoing targeted shelling of Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure by Russia’s armed forces and discussed concrete steps to strengthen Ukraine’s energy infrastructure”. Chancellor Scholz reiterated Germany’s continued support for Ukraine with current priorities in energy infrastructure and air defense.

As Hebestreit also announced, Scholz and Selenskyj called for extending the UN-supervised grain deal beyond November 19, which would help improve the global food situation. Both agreed to stay in close contact. As Selensky wrote on Twitter, he thanked Scholz for German support during the conversation.

After the cut, Russia reported shelling of Cherson

4:15 PM: According to its own statement, shortly after the withdrawal of its own troops from the Ukrainian regional capital of Cherson and elsewhere, Russia launched an offensive in the region that had just been abandoned. “Currently, troops and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being shelled on the right bank of the Dnipro River,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday.


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