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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Ukraine War in Newsblog: Zelenskyi: Flag Raising in Cherson

The first Ukrainian flag flew in Kherson

of T-Online, DPA, AFP, Reuters

Updated 11/11/2022 – 4:46 amReading Time: 25 minutes.

Despite supplies: these places could become traps for Putin’s troops. (Source: T-Online)
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261st day since the start of the war: President Zelenskij reports numerous recoveries. His Minister of Defense saw the war diminish in the winter. All information on news blog.

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The US no longer views Russia as a market economy

3 o’clock: The United States will no longer classify Russia as a market economy for anti-dumping purposes. This gave the US the opportunity to use the “full force” of anti-dumping laws to combat market distortions, the US Commerce Department said on Thursday (local time). This would allow the Washington government to impose significantly higher tariffs on imports of Russian goods.

Lindner sees US aid unchanged

12:05 am: Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) does not expect aid to Ukraine to be limited as a result of the midterm elections in the United States. On the ZDF program “maybrit illner”, Lindner said he saw “no signs that the US is changing its policy on Ukraine”. He is in regular contact with his US counterpart. The United States sees “the special significance of this war in geopolitical terms”. It is all about humanity, but also about the European security architecture and the values ​​of liberal democracy.

Report: Arms from South Korea to Ukraine via US

Midnight: According to a newspaper report, South Korea wants to sell ammunition to the United States for military equipment for the armed forces of Ukraine. Seoul and Washington have a secret arms deal, according to which the United States will buy 100,000 rounds of 150-millimeter artillery ammunition from its allies, the Wall Street Journal reported on its website Thursday (local time), citing a US official. That’s enough to supply Ukraine’s artillery units with ammunition for at least a few weeks to repel Russian troops.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry has confirmed that South Korean companies are in talks with the US to export ammunition. The purchase is intended to “compensate for the shortage of 150 mm ammunition in stock” in the United States. This will be negotiated on the condition that the United States is the “end user”. The ministry emphasized that nothing has changed in South Korea’s position on not supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons. North Korea, South Korea’s largely isolated neighbor, recently denied US government claims that it was secretly sending ammunition to Russia.

Reznikov: Winter will reduce fighting

10:27 PM: Ukraine predicts fighting will ease in winter. “Winter will slow down any activity for everyone involved on the battlefield,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told Reuters. “It’s a win-win. You can relax.” With thousands of troops currently training in Britain, his country will come out of this break stronger. “We will use this time with the best possible results for our armed forces,” Resnikov said.

Zelenskyj: reclaimed more than 40 places – raised the flag

10:01 PM: According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian troops have already liberated more than 40 towns as part of the ongoing withdrawal of Russian troops from the Cherson region. “The number of Ukrainian flags returned to their rightful place as part of ongoing defense operations is already ten,” he said in his daily video message on Thursday evening.

At the same time, he warned about the dangers of areas abandoned by the occupying forces. “The first and most basic task is demining,” Zelensky said. The occupiers left behind thousands of bullets and ammunition. “I often hear speculation that it will take decades for Ukraine to clean up Russian mines.” According to his findings, about 170,000 square kilometers of the country are still affected by mines.

Zelensky noted that the current successes of the Ukrainian armed forces were achieved “through months of brutal fighting”. “It is not the enemy who is leaving – it is the Ukrainians who are driving out the occupiers,” Zelensky said. “And we must go everywhere – on the battlefield and in diplomacy – so that our flag – the Ukrainian flag – can be seen everywhere in our country, along our entire internationally recognized border. And the tricolor of the enemy is no more.”


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