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Nuclear power plant exit: a colossal German folly

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There are many things we Germans are good at, but there’s one thing we’re particularly good at: fear. “German Angst” has even made it into the English language and describes our tendency to always assume the worst, to constantly think that the world is on the brink, and to ignore opportunities for change. Anyone who always shuffles around in chaff and ashes feels the harbinger of doomsday in every cloud. Such was the case during the corona pandemic, when many Europeans were surprised by the collective panic of Germans. Such was the case after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when many people in this country anticipated the imminent outbreak of World War III and pulled suitcases from the attic to move to Tuscany. And it’s been that way for decades while dealing with them Civilian use of nuclear energy.

Of course, such a furnace with concrete spheres and huge cooling towers is not a pretty sight. But only in this country is it equated with the coming Armageddon. A perception that is not supported by facts, but only by assumptions and opinions. It has a lot to do with the anti-nuclear movement and its semi-religious awakening experiences at Chernobyl, Walkersdorf and Gorleben. This People’s Youth Bible was a bestseller by Gudrun Psewang “cloud”. An entire environment has emerged from years of fighting against nuclear power plants and the fear that a serious accident could destroy everything that crawls and escapes in this country. This environment can be found in the gentrified districts of large cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne, as well as in the beautiful countryside, as well as in the second largest ruling party: the influence of nuclear opponents. Jurgen Treiten blocks with Green Still can hardly be overestimated. Like a federal minister Robert Habeck Always short.

The demonization of civilian nuclear power is absolutely stupid. Seen in the light of day, all the facts speak against Germany phasing out nuclear power:

German nuclear power plant technology was the world leader – no comparison to the Chernobyl disaster reactor.

German nuclear power plants were not located on tsunami-prone coasts like Japan.

If the operators could have improved their technology, it could have turned into an export hit. African countries don’t have to buy Chinese instant kilns with cracks in the concrete.

Our neighboring countries continue to happily rely on nuclear power, so a German withdrawal does not make the situation in this country safer.

Unlike wind and solar power, nuclear power is continuously available and can be produced exactly as needed.

The strongest argument: Nuclear power is much more climate-friendly than coal and gas. It’s no surprise that scientists pretty much agree that, given the catastrophe we’re about to walk into, nuclear power is a far more sensible solution. Emphasis on that very Multidisciplinary studies are also these days World Climate Conference in Egypt Two cool results have been passed around:

First, it is entirely illusory that countries around the world will achieve the 1.5 degree target with their current climate protection efforts. Instead, the atmosphere is at least believed Three percent Heat – with brutal consequences for millions and millions of people.

Second, there is no way that renewable energy will be available fast enough to cover the costs needed in industrialized countries like Germany in good time. This should be written so clearly because green talk show gibberish constantly obscures this fact: Renewable energy alone will not save us from climate collapse. It will be more than 5 years before wind turbines, solar systems and, above all, networks are installed in sufficient numbers and connections, more like 20. then it Olaf Scholz Perhaps no more chancellors and no longer answerable to the electorate. But it was too late. Until our first Global climate tipping point According to careful calculations by the global research community, the optimistic case will take another eight years. But it is more likely to be faster.

It is therefore historically foolish that the German government stubbornly adheres to the misconception that the nuclear phase-out will be phased out and only allows the last three remaining reactors a small extension of their life until April 15. The traffic light party SPD, Greens and FDP will make the decision in the Bundestag today. That means the FDP doesn’t really want it, because they are less religious there, but they bow down to the green ideology, because otherwise the coalition will collapse. The debate is scheduled for 70 minutes, during which the opposition can make a bit of noise and the people at the traffic lights can do a bit of back-and-forth, after which MPs from the ruling parties will say yes and amen and then it will be business as usual. But perhaps no one will ask why we are not doing all we can to develop the world’s most modern and safest nuclear power technology with German ingenuity. Instead, restart coal-fired power plants, build natural gas terminals in Senegal, and pay homage to anti-nuclear idols.

Sometimes there is an impression: We never really heard the shot. I think we are still doing very well.

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Germany now has to import 39 out of 46 strategic raw materials This means that our economy is much more dependent on dictatorships like China and Russia than was previously known, “Tagesspiegel” reported, citing a study by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

The German army has 60,000 troops – but their operational readiness is no better today than it was on the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite the government’s pledge of billions, according to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, army inspector Alphonse Mies sees little progress in modernizing troops after eight months of the “turning point policy”.

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Joe Biden is relieved by the election.
Joe Biden is relieved by the election. (Source: Susan Walsh/dpa)

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