Despite the withdrawal, Russia continues to claim Cherson as its own


Despite the withdrawal, Russia continues to claim Cherson as its own

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Updated on 11/11/2022 – 13:42Reading Time: 28 minutes

Heavy shelling near Kherson: Footage shows Ukrainian troops retaking area. (Source: T-Online)
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261st day since the start of the war: President Selenskij reports numerous recoveries. A strategically important bridge collapsed near Cherson. All information on news blog.

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Despite the retreat, Moscow claims Cherson for itself

12:18 pm: Even after its troop withdrawal, Moscow continues to consider Ukraine’s Kherson region as Russian territory. According to the Interfax news agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kherson region would remain part of the Russian Federation. “This status is determined and consolidated by law. There is no change here and cannot be,” said Peskov.

When asked if the Kherson defeat was not humiliating for Putin, Peskov answered “no”. At the end of September, at a ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin boldly declared four Ukrainian regions, including Cherson, part of Russia. Peskov made it clear that the Kremlin does not regret the celebration in Red Square to include the territories. The international community views annexations as a violation of international law.

Dmitry Peskov: Since 2012, he has been a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Dmitry Peskov: According to Kremlin spokesman, Russia claims Kherson in Ukraine. (Source: SNA/Ramil Sitdikov/imago-images-pictures)

Russian Army: All troops withdrawn from Cherson

12:18 pm: According to Russia, it has completed the withdrawal of its troops from the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson and parts of the region. Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on Friday that the redeployment had ended. All units with technology and equipment were brought to the left bank of the Dnipro River without damage, and no technology was left behind on the right, said Igor Konashenkov, the ministry’s spokesman in Moscow.

On Wednesday, Russia announced the withdrawal of troops from the regional capital Cherson, saying it was impossible to supply its own troops, for example because the bridges were no longer usable.

The strategically important bridge at Kherson collapsed

12:04 pm: A strategically important bridge has collapsed near the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, a media report said. The bridge was the only nearby road link across the Dnipro from Cherson to the Russian-controlled east bank of the river, Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilon reported, citing local residents. The next river crossing for vehicles is more than 70 km from Kherson.

The broadcaster released a photo showing an entire section of the bridge missing. More details are open. Kherson is the only provincial capital Russia has been able to capture since the offensive began in late February. Recently, in view of the advance of Ukrainian troops, a retreat was ordered. On Wednesday, Russia announced it would withdraw from the west bank of the Dnipro across the river.

The Ukrainian flag is flying again in Kherson

11:21 am: The Ukrainian flag once again hangs in front of the Kherson regional administration. This emerged from a recording circulated on Twitter. According to this, the Russian armed forces fixed the flag in front of the administrative building of the city of Kherson after leaving the provincial capital. Last week, the Russian flag on the roof of the building was removed after eight months.

Tearful welcome by Ukrainian soldiers in Kherson

10:19 am: After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson, the Ukrainian troops received a rousing welcome in the region. Footage posted on social media shows residents of retaken areas falling to Ukrainian forces. A video shows a woman tearfully hugging the fighters while two men talk to a soldier.


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