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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Analena Bierbock gets more money – because of Putin

Russia’s war on Ukraine is also affecting German politics. For the Federal Foreign Office, Putin’s attack now means: more money for global disarmament.

Minister Annalena Bierbock’s Foreign Office (Green) may spend 37 million euros more on disarmament initiatives next year than originally planned for the 2023 budget. The Traffic Light Alliance has increased the budget accordingly in the coordination meeting of the budget committee on Friday night. This shows a working document which is available on T-Online. The reason for the significant increase is Russia’s war against Ukraine.

67 million euros are now earmarked in the Federal Foreign Office’s so-called Individual Plan 05 for “disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation cooperation” on weapons of mass destruction. Originally, only 30 million euros were available for this in the official draft for 2023. The budget for 2022 was 35 million euros.

The Bundestag’s traffic light groups made a clear profit from the five million euro reduction originally planned in the negotiations.

What money to spend?

Under “Comment”, the additional money in the document is mainly justified with Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine: according to this, more money is needed for “nuclear safety and security”, namely, among other things, “upgrading, training and further education, of the IAEA Support” (International Atomic Energy Agency) during its mission in Ukraine.

In addition, the money should be used for “defense capabilities against biological and chemical threats, which are increasingly emanating from RUS (Editor’s note: Russia)”. Ukraine’s cyber security must also be strengthened and secured. The federal government wants to prevent the “proliferation of small arms, light weapons and ammunition” resulting from Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Merle Spellerberg, chairwoman of the Greens’ subcommittee on disarmament in the Bundestag, praised the deal. “Instead of making cuts, we are implementing a value-based foreign policy with an additional 37 million euros for disarmament,” Spellerberg told T-Online. “Because women especially suffered from the amount of small arms that were common in the post-war period.” Weapons of sexual and domestic violence increase dramatically during and after conflict. “We are strengthening the resilience of the Ukrainian people and ourselves against prolonged and extreme violence.”

Overall, Beerbok’s 2023 budget for the Foreign Office, at 7.4 billion euros, is now a billion more than the government’s draft. Currently in 2022, 7.1 billion euros were available. The Bundestag is expected to adopt the new 2023 budget on November 25.


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