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Of that which one cannot speak, one must remain silent: It has been a century since the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein Gave us this simple but profound instruction. As a journalist, I work in a noisy profession, in which the tendency to be silent is not very common. But sometimes it’s good advice for us to take our hands off the keyboard or put the microphone aside. But it’s not like you can’t talk about anything. But because it will be tempting to bite.

The US midterm elections brought back into the spotlight a man who couldn’t wait for the moment. The world hasn’t made up its mind yet Donald Trump Recovered, returned quickly. However, he never fully left, at least not from the Republican Party, where his men pulled the strings, pushed through candidates and neutralized critics. The former president is working cautiously to return to the headlines. Since being banned from Twitter and Facebook, he has even created his own social network, from which his lies about alleged voter fraud, conspiracy chatter, insults and threats spread to mainstream social media.


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During his tenure, the Twitter president has led Americans, the world, and our journalists from scandal to scandal. You can hardly keep up with his almost daily scandals. There was a method to the madness. Trump wanted to completely dominate the news cycle. Correspondents and reporters chased him with bated breath—past his inner-party rivals and Democrats in opposition, whose shadows were barely noticeable along the way. Trump, the master of constant tension, hasn’t done much in office, but his media maneuvers run like clockwork. The danger is great that the game will now repeat itself.

Slandering the press and television is a nasty popular game in this country too. You don’t have to listen to a right-wing modelhead ranting about the “lying press” or “state radio”. Criticism often and happily rains down on everything in the media, from the “Tagesschau” to the local newspaper, we also get our fat on T-Online. Sometimes it’s righteous indignation about mistakes, which unfortunately also happens in the news business, sometimes it’s excitement that rubs one’s opinion against published information. But even the most critical mind should be relieved to enjoy the blooming meadows of the domestic media landscape after a brief zap on American television.

Because unfortunately it’s like this: In the United States, a blatant news jargon has established itself on many channels, a staccato of “breaking news” in which an endless swarm of mosquitoes swarms the studio like a herd of elephants. Continuous news programs attract the attention of the audience with a lot of chatter, because it is the only way to gain audience ratings that guarantees the economic survival of a media company. And yes, the esteemed audience is not entirely innocent either. Media hyperventilates because it resonates with viewers, listeners, and readers.

Such tensions played into the hands of the Donald Trumps of the world. No one has surfed the fierce media waves more skillfully than reality TV stars. On the other hand, after the midterm elections, the off-screen reality is characterized by something that Donald Trump does not like at all: Complexity. The candidates he selected and endorsed performed significantly worse than expected. On the other hand party friends who have distanced themselves from him have won. Just when the former White House resident thought he was on the safe side of a comeback, a former student has become a challenger in his own party who won a landslide election: Florida’s governor. Ron DeSantis Few now walk with power and will soon challenge Trump for the top spot. Ron is a populist like Donald, but smart, cool and calculated. Our US correspondent Bastian Brauns reports that he can compensate for his poor charisma with skill.

The end of the Trump era is far from being declared. Disappointing performance in Congress polls will not deter anti-democrats and his party. Because Trump supporters are characterized by two characteristics. Farm them first Relationship of Distance to Reality: Trump’s camp also didn’t realize that Joe Biden actually won the presidential election two years ago. A mediocre result in the midterm elections is certainly not a fact of this club. Second, Trump’s team has come together Unconditional desire for power.

And where there’s a will, there’s a way. It may well be that Zampano’s candidates have not gone down well with the voters – they have become too extreme, sometimes too crazy. But among committed members of the Republican Party, Trump’s people are extremely popular. In many places, extremists have tuned in at the grassroots level. Only one outcome is conceivable for them in the election year of 2024: the return of their messiah. All the rest can only be electoral fraud.

The final results of the midterm elections are still being counted (here is the current status). But one thing is already clear: Things are picking up again in American politics. For journalists on both sides of the Atlantic, that means being careful that we don’t fall into the trap set by Trump. case There is enough to report and categorize about it. But not every trick of his is worthy of the accompanying fanfare. Trump has them lever of power Not at hand, so we can narrow our focus to what is needed. And sometimes silent.

Ok got it: Did I mention that Trump has announced an important, exciting statement for next Tuesday? No? Well so what! I suggest we wait and see.

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