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Marijuana, sports betting, minimum wage – there were votes too

USA Votes: Congressional seats weren’t the only thing on the midterm agenda. An overview of the most interesting side votes.

During the so-called midterms on Tuesday, all seats in the US House of Representatives and a good third of the 100 seats in the Senate, the other house of the US Parliament, were up for election. But other issues were also in focus: US citizens voted in more than 130 referendums. An overview of the most interesting side polls:

Legalization of marijuana

Several states have voted on whether to legalize personal marijuana use. inside Maryland Voters voted for a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21. This makes Maryland the 20th state to introduce this rule. But the constitutional amendment doesn’t mean adults can just walk into a store and legally buy marijuana. Rather, it gives legislators additional opportunities to establish a legal industry. It was the same Missouri decided

inside North Dakota, South Dakota And Arkansas Voters were against it. inside Colorado Voters voted to legalize the possession of narcotic substances such as mushrooms or psychedelic plants.


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Abolition of slavery

in five states Tennessee, Alabama, Oregon, Louisiana and VermontA vote was taken to end slavery.

Slavery has been abolished in the United States since 1865, although some states have exceptions. For example, in Tennessee, among other places, felons can be legally forced to work. Human rights organizations have called it a modern form of slavery. The black community in particular should be oppressed by the law.

The results were not clear in all states. In Oregon, Tennessee, and Alabama, for example, more than three-quarters voted to end the old law, just 54 percent. In the state of Vermont, a clear majority of over 89 percent voted to abolish slavery.

Voters in Louisiana rejected the amendment. Prison inmates who refuse to work, for example, can still be sanctioned. According to experts, around 800,000 prisoners are currently working for a few cents or even free, as reported by the BBC. Louisiana is no exception: In seven states, prison workers are currently unpaid for most work. Prisoners who refused to work could be fined.

Abortion rights

In the US state Michigan An amendment added the right to abortion to the Constitution. The required majority for a corresponding referendum was reached on Tuesday evening (local time), as reported by TV channels ABC and NBC. Abortion is legal in the state. Also California And Vermont Voted to include abortion rights in their constitution.

The result of a referendum kentucky: In conservative states, voters sided with pro-abortion parties and rejected proposals for a comprehensive abortion ban.

Legalization of sports betting

A California initiative that would have legalized sports betting in one of the nation’s largest potential markets was rejected by more than 80 percent of voters, according to the Associated Press. Sports betting is legal in 30 US states, but not in California

There were two proposals in total. One would allow online sports betting, while the other would limit it to Native American casinos and the state’s four racetracks. Californians overwhelmingly rejected both proposals.


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