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Hertz IV Reforms: How Dangerous is Citizen Income?

New citizen allowance should come from January. Does it stop people from working? A job center boss speaks plain text on the phone “A common cliché is: Hertz IV recipients are lazy and therefore take advantage. This is not true. I have been the managing director of the job center in the Aachen city region since 2005, which currently has around 49,000 customers. And I can only say: the motivated are isolated cases, not the majority. But we recognize that the corona pandemic, among other things, has had a long-lasting negative impact on the health of large numbers of people. We care. Intensive personal help is more important than ever. We need to pick people up where they are, which is often complex and Very time-consuming. I first experienced the Hertz IV reform in 2005. And I think the basic security was better than its reputation. Thanks to Hertz IV, for example, we survived the refugee crisis well, we saved a lot of single self-employed people during the pandemic. Able to secure livelihood and employ many people for work. To qualify for market. My center of work is in border triangle and Netheral. Our neighbors from Andes came to me because they wanted to know more about our successful Hertz IV system. Nevertheless, a reform was urgently needed in terms of further development. Hertz IV comes from a time of massive unemployment and a very tight job market. Today we have a labor market with high demand, especially for skilled workers. Many people can choose their job and no longer depend on the first offer. Those who cannot find work usually have other problems. Two-thirds of all unemployed people on Basic Social Security have not completed vocational training. For us it is even 80 percent. But the job market needs us all. This is why the Citizens Allowance emphasizes education and training. I think it’s right.” The previous standard rate of 449 euros per month is no longer enough for many people. This is another reason why it is important to further develop Hertz IV and adapt it to standard requirements. Every day we hear alarm calls from the panel, which An influx of people never seen before. Also, there are many Ukrainian refugees who have received basic security since June. Citizen allowances make sense in many cases: the social labor market will open up, which means we can help the long-term unemployed in the long term. A wage cost subsidy with a term . and they get additional vocational coaching. This is very helpful for both them and the employer. Because we have many clients with health impairments, both physical and psychological. I also think that the abolition of recruitment priority, which aims to get the unemployed into work as soon as possible. (rather than enabling them to, say, train more), is a good thing. Just as you try to create positive incentives. Like with training bonuses. Anyone else and starts training he will receive an additional 150 euros per month in addition to the citizen’s income in the future.” Those who exploit the system are isolated cases”We must fundamentally ask ourselves: What image of man are we striving for? We can only achieve social and professional solidarity with men, not against them. This also applies to basic security recipients. However, there must be a balance. Those who exploit the system are isolated cases. But we must ensure that it does not become too much. That is why we need clear rules of the game, i.e. the obligation to cooperate. Otherwise there is a risk of exploitation of state benefits as well. We are already noticing that for a certain period of time By suspending the bans for, it is becoming more difficult and less reliable to reach people in terms of feedback and keeping appointments. The orientation to create a culture of trust is correct, and incidentally has always been the path to job centers. But we need to follow it closely, scientifically too. If it does not work does but it needs to be improved. And one could stipulate that the first breach of the obligation to cooperate, e.g As such, there are legal consequences if one does not accept the invitation to the job centre. In Citizen Allowance, it is currently paid only after a second offence. Although the approval rate at our job centers was only two to three percent in the past. It’s a bit high for young people, but not that many violations.”Anyone who works has more in their wallet”I can only understand the debate about overly protective assets in limited amounts. In addition to benefit receipts, the rule that the head of the household can keep 60,000 euros and each member of the benefit community can keep 30,000 euros was already introduced during the pandemic. In reality, however, I have never experienced a case where someone had so much wealth and applied for basic security. Much more frequently, on the other hand, there are situations where elderly benefit recipients who have become destitute due to unfortunate circumstances sell their homes. It is good that the regulation is becoming more liberal here. In particular, we experience these people, who own a house, are particularly motivated when it comes to work integration, to finally be able to keep their assets. A two-year waiting period, while recognizing your life’s work, makes sense. Many people ask themselves from a citizen’s income perspective: Is work still worth it? I can only answer: work is always worthwhile. Those who work have more in their wallets, as they still receive supplements such as child allowance and housing benefit, which will increase significantly from January 1, 2023. In addition, the basic tax allowance for working people should be increased, so that more of the total income is left for working people. Otherwise shows that the calculation excludes this aspect. Even if the need continues after working, there is more money in the basic income system for these people through gainful employment and possibly reduced entry fees from job centres. Wages and means social contact, praise and a structured daily routine. It is also the Job Centre’s job to convince people that the job is best for them. It is good that Citizen’s Income provides for us to reach more people through outreach work. This is already being done in many job centers, but there is certainly room for improvement “We shouldn’t let that happen.” However, there is a very important prerequisite for this: we urgently need the necessary resources, personnel and sufficient funds For all current and new jobs. Instead, the federal budget for job centers for 2023 has been reduced by 610 million euros. It does not go with the federal government’s major reform plan. Let me make it very clear: if job centers do not get more staff and better financial resources, they will not be able to master many challenges. Then citizens are threatened with income failure. We must not let this happen.”


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