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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Christian Lindner is said to be ready for the speed limit on one condition

Change of heart at FDP? The finance minister made toxic proposals to alliance partners.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) surprisingly agreed to a political exchange between the traffic light coalition in the debate about a common speed limit on German autobahns. “I would be ready to say immediately that we will set a speed limit in Germany if the nuclear power plants have to run longer,” Lindner said on the “State of the Nation” podcast under the direction of the Greens.

Lindner then made it clear in a further statement that the proposal was not meant to be taken seriously: he thought the idea was “stupid and ideological”. Nevertheless, he then amended, he would offer the alliance partner a speed limit for the duration of nuclear power plants. The Greens were the most resistant to the kiln’s stretching operation – their agreement to continue running with new fuel rods seems highly unlikely. You can read more about the state of the Akw controversy here.

Lindner: People save fuel anyway

In the interview, Lindner said that in the face of rising energy costs, citizens will change their travel behavior anyway – and switch to public transport or drive more slowly to save fuel. A speed limit is therefore not necessary as a climate protection measure.

Speed ​​limit debate: This is the argument for and against a general limit.

His party’s resistance is seen as the main reason the speed limit is not part of the government program with the SPD and the Greens. The transport minister who is actually responsible, Volker Wissing (FDP), has repeatedly rejected the speed limit. Like Lindner, Wissing points to the small savings potential of the measure given the high emissions of climate-damaging gases globally.

“There is no reason to change anything about their attitude.”

Finance Minister Lindner is clearly unprepared. “If organizations like EKD set speed limits, they can,” he wrote on Twitter. “So there is no reason for the federal government to change its attitude.” Lindner’s proposal to the Greens is more likely a political tip against a coalition partner than a serious proposal for climate protection.


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