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Marge Attacks Chancellor Scholz: “Most Disrespectful Chancellor” Ever

On the federal government’s decision to allow China access to a container terminal at the port of Hamburg, Marz said the chancellor apparently still believes in the “change through trade” theory. “He is not willing to reassess the risks we face,” criticized the union faction leader.


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“And now, of course, he’s flying to China, a week after this Communist Party Congress, where military violence against Taiwan was publicly threatened and Xi Jinping’s predecessor was kicked out of the hall in full view of the world public.”

Scholz’ Critique of Single Effort

The Chinese government will use the chancellor’s visit “as confirmation of their course for propaganda purposes with the gift of further participation in the port,” Marge warned.

He noted that the alliance itself announced a new China strategy for the spring. “After that it would only be okay to travel to China. The war against Ukraine and China’s unilateral stance towards Russia make it even more urgent to review our relationship with China,” he stressed. “The Turning Point also includes a new look at China.”

Instead, the Chinese Communist Party “now has a complete overview of trade flows to Europe through its holdings in European ports.” Aiming to prevent Chinese involvement in the traffic light government, he said: “Scholz’s decision alone was a serious strategic mistake.”


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