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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: A Brutal Speech

Suddenly there was a war

They’ve been some easy months, not even for the federal president, even if he certainly doesn’t need sympathy at Bellevue Palace. Shortly after Steinmeier’s second term began in the spring, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Suddenly there was war in Europe, but the federal president had completely different plans.

He wanted to go to the country, talk to the people, understand their problems. He went to Quedlinburg, Rottweil, Neustrelitz, and Altenburg, which are certainly admirable and important.

Speech by Federal President Steinmeier
Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Like a pastor who talks to his congregation – only more brutally. (Source: Michael Kappeler/dpa/dpa-photo)

And yet, traveling from one city to the next, one might ask oneself with a little more loss why Steinmeier did not manage to say something to the Germans at the time of crisis that will be remembered by everyone – and not just the people of Quedlinburg.

There are probably reasons for this. And Steinmeier’s blind spot, which will be discussed later, probably plays an important role. But first, the good news is that the Federal President overcame the perceived speechlessness with this speech.

an ordeal

But what to remember from this Friday? Maybe that: The federal president called his people. He is honest with her, describes her enormous problems in rhetoric – and demands something of her. somewhat.

Steinmeier repeated his interpretation of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine as an “epoch break.” It won’t be too big, and the results are correspondingly great. “The new era is challenging us like it hasn’t in a long time,” he said.

Steinmeier spoke of the “deepest crisis” in a reunified Germany, a “divisive point” that is now and an “ordeal from which no one can free us and from which there is no easy way out.”

The federal president even acknowledged his own masculinity. “Politics cannot work miracles,” he says. No one can remove all worries. “On the contrary: I believe that many concerns are justified.”

It doesn’t get any more pleasant

It is remarkably blunt and quite dirty. And it doesn’t get any easier. Of course, at some point in the end, just before he lays down his arms, the Federal President naturally says that Germany has the strength to overcome these crises.

But, and this is the crux of it: only if you spit on your hand again. “These new times challenge every individual,” he said, referring to the current “age against the wind” that follows the past “age with the tailwind.”

And this man has a lot to do right now, if Steinmeier has his way. He thinks that politics cannot be left in the hands of others. And: “We’ll have to accept restrictions over the next few years.” Greetings from Energy Crisis.


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