War in Ukraine: Putin lies again


According to Putin, the debate over nuclear weapons has intensified. This is due to former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who said that her country is ready to use nuclear weapons if the situation calls for it. Russia has never talked about using nuclear weapons. In fact, however, Putin and other high-ranking politicians talked about it. Former President Dmitry Medvedev, for example, declared at the end of September that Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons “if necessary.” This is “definitely not a bluff”. Putin said on Thursday that Russia has a military doctrine that also provides for the use of nuclear weapons. However, this is done for defensive purposes only.

“Dirty Bomb”: Allegations Against Kiev

Regarding Russian accusations that Ukraine plans to use a “dirty bomb,” Putin reiterated that Kiev has the technology to make such a bomb. So he asked his defense minister to inform the West about the dangers of such bombs. A “dirty bomb” is an explosive device mixed with radioactive material, which can cause severe destruction but is not comparable in power to an atomic bomb.

imago image 170995133
Russian reserves in training: The Russian president has declared martial law in several areas of Ukraine. (Source: IMAGO/Vitaly Nevar)

There is no evidence that Ukraine will pollute its own people and territory. It also makes no sense militarily, after all the Ukrainian army is gaining ground. Concerns are growing in the West that the Kremlin may consider using a “dirty bomb” or even a tactical nuclear weapon in the face of a counterattack by Ukraine.

Putin reiterated earlier statements that Russia was trying to build friendly relations with the West and NATO. However, negative feedback was received. The West is trying to weaken Russia and impose sanctions on those who do not want to bow to it. By doing this, Russia is not challenging the West, but wants to retain its own development rights.

Warm words for China and Turkey

However, the West only imposed sanctions on Moscow because Russia has been stealing land from Ukrainian territory since 2014. These have nothing to do with oppression of the Russian Federation, but are the result of Putin’s aggression. After all, many Western countries have developed close economic ties with Russia, making themselves heavily dependent on Russian raw materials and ignoring many of the warning signs of this war. Putin has ruined friendly relations.






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