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Germany opposes Putin when it comes to effectiveness

The federal government does not believe the pipeline can be used after the explosion in the Baltic Sea. He rejected the Kremlin’s demands.

Contrary to the Russian assessment, the federal government does not assume that one of the two tubes of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline remains intact after the September explosion.

“It is very likely that the act of sabotage with the powerful explosion had a negative impact on both pipeline strands and therefore basic technical availability is no longer provided,” the federal government said in response to a parliamentary question by AfD parliamentary group leader Leif. – Eric Holm. In addition, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has not received the necessary certification for its operation anyway and cannot go into operation yet.

The request came from AFD

It seems to him “as if someone is hoping at a traffic light that the gas supply problem via Nord Stream has been solved by attacking,” said AfD MP Holm. His party advocates commissioning Nord Stream 2 and rejects the path of the federal government, which wants to be independent of Russian gas supplies in response to Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

At the end of September, four leaks were discovered in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines after an explosion near the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, two of which are in the exclusive economic zones of Denmark and Sweden.

Two weeks ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to supply gas to what he said was still an operational stretch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. “You just have to turn on the tap,” he said at Russian Energy Week in Moscow. The


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