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Ukraine war on newsblog + report: Russia begins nuclear drills

In Russia’s eight-month war of aggression against Ukraine, vital energy infrastructure is increasingly becoming a prime target of attack. More than a third of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was destroyed by rocket attacks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told an international reconstruction conference in Berlin on Tuesday. According to Ukrainian sources, many power plants have been damaged by Russian missiles. There are power outages every day.

Five people were injured in the bomb attack in the occupied city of Melitopol

10:17 am: A bomb exploded in the Russian-controlled city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine on Tuesday morning. The city administration made the announcement, according to reports by Russian news agencies. A car-borne explosive device detonated in a business center that also houses a local radio station. Five people, including a radio employee, were injured.

Melitopol serves as the occupying administrative headquarters for Zaporizhia Oblast, which Russia has declared annexed. The actual regional capital of Zaporizhia is still in Ukrainian hands.

The occupation administration has spoken of terrorist attacks. It has not been proven. At the same time, it is known that Ukrainian forces continue to fight in the occupied territories. Russian agencies reported that there had already been seven explosions in Melitopol during the night from the fires in Ukraine.

Report: US Air Defense Considers Emergency Supply

8.40 am: The United States is considering delivering old Hawk air defense systems from stockpiles to Ukraine due to widespread Russian missile and drone strikes, official sources said. President Joe Biden’s administration will use the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), which allows it to transfer defense supplies and services from its own inventory quickly and without congressional approval in an emergency, two people familiar with the plan said.

The Hawk interceptor missile will bolster the anti-aircraft capabilities of Ukraine’s armed forces, which have traditionally received a smaller, shorter-range system in the form of the Stinger missile. The Hawk system is based on Vietnam War era technology, but has been upgraded several times. The US president’s office declined to comment.

Anti-missile type "Hawk MIM-23" (Archive): The system has a longer range than previously delivered Stinger missiles.
Anti-missile defense type “Hawk MIM-23” (Archive): This system has a longer range than previously delivered Stinger missiles. (Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire/Deanna C Gonzales)

London: Russia lost many attack helicopters in Ukraine

8 am: According to British estimates, Russia lost a particularly large number of combat helicopters in the war of aggression against Ukraine. Since the offensive began in February, Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters (NATO code: Hokum-B) have suffered at least 23 confirmed losses, the Defense Ministry said in London on Tuesday, citing intelligence. That’s more than a quarter of the operational fleet of 90 Ka-52s and about half of Russia’s total helicopter losses in Ukraine.

In London it was said that the Russian combat helicopters would be destroyed primarily by MANPAD, i.e. portable anti-aircraft systems. Additionally, they have less protection from fighter jets than is actually provided for in Russian military doctrine. The British ministry ruled that Russia was still unable to provide effective air support.

Besides, the cannons are running out of ammunition. “Russian commanders may increasingly resort to high-risk attack helicopter missions as one of the few options available to provide close combat support to troops.”

imago image 161694248
Russian Ka-52 helicopters: About a quarter of the fleet is reported to have been destroyed in Ukraine. (Source: IMAGO/SNA/Kyrill Norton)

Federal President Steinmeier visited Ukraine

6 o’clock: The federal president had already planned to visit the warring country three times. Steinmeier arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday morning. Read more here.

Night at a glance

5 o’clock: Russia is taking its allegations, which the West has criticized as baseless, that Ukraine plans to use a “dirty” nuclear bomb in war to the UN Security Council. A related discussion of the UN’s most powerful body behind closed doors will take place on Tuesday after a meeting on the conflict in Syria. Here you can read the full overview from the night.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (Source: Pavel Golovkin/AP/dpa./dpa)

The World Bank will give another 500 million dollars to Ukraine

2.19 pm: The World Bank supports Ukraine by disbursing an additional 500 million US dollars. “Russia’s aggression is causing widespread destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure — including water, sewage and electricity networks — just as winter approaches, further threatening Ukraine’s population,” said World Bank President David Malpass.

“The new portion of funding distributed today will be used to maintain essential government services. We are fully committed to supporting the people of Ukraine in dealing with this unprecedented crisis.” The World Bank has mobilized a total of $13 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, of which $11.4 billion has already been disbursed.

Ukraine expects $500 million a month in financial aid from Germany

1:28 am: Ukraine is pressing for a specific contribution from Germany for state financing during the war. “We need four to five billion dollars a month for our budget. We believe that Germany can take about 500 million dollars a month, especially around 2023. We expect about two billion dollars a month from the EU. Economic adviser to the whole president Volodymyr Zelensky, Alexander Rodnyansky, Funke told Mediagroup newspaper.

“States must work, pensions must be paid.” “Prior to the latest attack, infrastructure damage was estimated at around $120 billion,” Rodniansky added. According to the World Bank, the loss to the economy – company closures, unemployment – is about 200 to 250 billion dollars. “According to the forecast, gross domestic product will fall by about 35 percent this year.”

Rodnyansky is expecting emergency aid for Ukraine in the form of diesel generators, emergency power generators or mobile power plants from the West. The international reconstruction conference to be held this Tuesday in Berlin will address the “medium to long-term challenges” after the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (archive photo): "Please do not turn on unnecessary electronic devices."
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (archive photo): Needs billions of dollars from the West every month. (Source: ZUMA Wire/Imago/Imago Images)

Russia has brought the ‘dirty bomb’ accusation to the UN Security Council

1 o’clock: Russia intends to bring the issue of an alleged “dirty bomb” to the UN Security Council on Tuesday, according to diplomats. Russia will accuse Ukraine of planning an attack with explosive devices containing radioactive material.

“We will consider the use of ‘dirty bombs’ by the Kyiv government as nuclear terrorism,” Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia wrote in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council on Monday. became the organization. Diplomats said the matter would be raised in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of planning such an attack and blamed Ukraine for it. Western countries have dismissed Russia’s accusations as a pretext for prolonging the eight-month-old war.

Here’s how you can donate to Ukraine

Many people in the country feel powerless in light of the news coming out of Ukraine. They want to help with at least one donation. Here you will find a selection of aid agencies.

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