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Many municipalities apparently have no emergency plans

Should a blackout occur, many counties and cities are inadequately prepared. A report suggests so.

In the event of prolonged power outages, the civil protection authorities of many German districts and cities are apparently unprepared This is the result of a survey by the ARD political magazine ‘Report Mainz’.

Between September and early October, the magazine polled more than 400 rural districts and urban districts nationwide, as well as Berlin districts. More than 200 of them participated in the survey.

In response to the question: “Does your administration have a power failure action plan that everyone involved can access immediately in an emergency?” 101 municipalities answer “no”, according to “Report Mainz”. These include major cities such as Heilbronn, Braunschweig and Mainz.

Left “chance or luck”.

78 municipalities answered ‘no’ when asked whether there are emergency wells in the respective district or city’s area of ​​responsibility. Waterworks pumps may fail after a certain period of time if there is no electricity. So-called emergency wells are important for maintaining population supply.

Professor Martin Voss, a disaster researcher at FU Berlin, criticized the magazine that there are no uniform rules for nationwide power failures. When “every small village cooks its own soup and every mayor makes his own local policies,” it is often left to “chance or luck” to determine whether “the infrastructure is there locally.”


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