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Federal President Steinmeier arrives in Ukraine

Steinmeier on the way to Ukraine: Federal President postpones original date.
Steinmeier on the way to Ukraine: Federal President postpones original date. (Source: Michael Kappeler/dpa)

Arriving in Kiev on Tuesday morning, Steinmeier pledged Germany’s continued solidarity with Ukraine. “My message to the Ukrainians is this: we are not just on your side. We will continue to support Ukraine economically, politically and militarily,” the federal president said. His message to the Germans at home was: “Let us not forget what this war means to the people of Ukraine, how much suffering there is, how much destruction. The people of Ukraine need us.”

Regarding his visit, Steinmeier said that “it was important to him to send a sign of solidarity to the Ukrainians, especially now at this stage of airstrikes with drones, cruise missiles and rockets”. Like many Germans, he admires the people of Ukraine. “On their courage, on their flexibility, which they show not only on the front lines, but also in cities and in rural areas,” said Steinmeier.

The commotion over unloading subsided

The federal president actually wanted to travel to Kyiv in mid-April – along with the presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The initiative for this came from Polish President Andrzej Duda. A cancellation came for Steinmeier from Kyiv shortly before the start. The discharge was seen in Berlin as an unprecedented diplomatic and political attack. The situation eased again after a telephone conversation between the two presidents in early May.

According to the federal president’s office, Steinmeier and Selenskyj now want to make a joint appeal to German cities and municipalities to enter into new partnerships with Ukrainian municipalities in the short term and help people there during the winter. They are particularly vulnerable to the destruction of energy infrastructure by recent Russian drone and rocket attacks.


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