States and municipalities send arson letters to the federal government


The federal government prematurely ended its financial support for fiber optic expansion. Numerous federal states are now responding with fire letters.

After stopping subsidies for fiber optic expansion this year, 15 federal states and central municipal associations are calling for immediate resumption of subsidies. In a fiery letter to the federal government, they also complained that so far “no reliable funding” has been promised to expand the broadband network for 2023. According to a letter from the Federal Ministry of Economics, available to dpa, the current freeze on applications must be “removed and the new funds must be linked directly to the existing funds on January 1, 2023”, copies of which were sent to the Federal Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance.


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All federal states have signed, except for associations of cities and districts as well as cities and municipalities The federal government stopped its gigabit funding for this year on October 17 because the budgeted three billion euros would not last until the end of the year due to high demand.

“Clear Mismanagement by the Federal Government”

There is currently a lot of uncertainty, with Bavarian Finance Minister Albert Furacker criticizing it. “No one in Berlin tells us what stage of the process to get to so as not to get anything, first to wait, to reschedule,” the CSU politician said with a sarcastic sneer. “Such a sudden freeze on funding without any prior warning only suggests a clear mismanagement of the federal government.”

In the letter, 15 federal states and municipal associations argue that fast internet connections are important for the German economy. “Unlike the current relief package or gas price brakes, this is not about consumer spending, but about building sustainability for the future,” the letter said. “There are already shortages here in Germany. Further delays are unacceptable.”


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