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Ukraine War + Russia Withdrawal from Cherson on Newsblog

Britain, France and Germany had previously sent similar requests in letters to the UN. At the Security Council meeting, Russia’s UN ambassador Vassily Nebensya described it as a “shocking situation”. He again denied allegations of Iran’s use of drones in the war against Ukraine and repeated warnings against a related UN investigation. If it comes to that, Russia will have to rethink cooperation with the United Nations. His deputy Dmitry Polzhansky said the same a few days ago.

Mutzenich calls for more diplomacy in Ukraine war

12:45 am: Rolf Mutzenich, leader of the SPD parliamentary group, called on diplomats at home and abroad to seize every opportunity for a ceasefire in Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia. “I would advise every diplomat to talk more about diplomacy than weapons,” said Mutzenich of Germany’s Editorial Network, according to an early report. The next meeting of heads of state and government of 20 major industrial and emerging countries, including Russia, must be used: “The G20 summit in Bali in mid-November could be a forum to explore diplomatic initiatives.”

Zelenskij: Russia wants to create a global food crisis

12:15 PM: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has complained of escalating problems over grain exports across the Black Sea, which were agreed with Russia in July. There is an artificial traffic jam of 150 ships because Russia is deliberately blocking their passage, Zelensky said in his video message delivered in Kiev on Friday evening. “The enemy is doing everything to reduce our food exports,” the president said. He alleged that Russia wants to incite food crisis and social tension in the world in this way.

In July, Russia, brokered by the United Nations and Turkey, agreed to export grain, but always threatened to cancel the four-month deal. Moscow has long complained that parts of the summer deal are not being implemented. In the deal, Russia agreed to end its blockade of Ukrainian seaports for grain exports, but demanded relief for its own exports of fertilizer and food in return. Both Russia and Ukraine are major grain exporters, earning billions from exports.

Because of the delay, as Zelenskij explained, three million tons of food is currently not reaching people. This amount is enough to feed ten million people for a year.

The United States does not currently want to negotiate on behalf of Russia

12:10 am: The United States sees no way to negotiate with Russia as long as the country continues its war of aggression against Ukraine. “As far as diplomacy goes to end the war, it depends entirely on whether Russia is willing to stop the aggression that it has started,” Blinken said in Washington on Friday.





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