The union clearly lost the vote


According to a recent poll, the CDU/CSU leads the SPD by just one percentage point. The Greens and the Left are also losing, the FDP is on the rise.

In a recent poll, the CDU/CSU is losing approval, Focus reports. The Opinion Research Institute interviewed 1,435 people on behalf of Kantar’s “Focus.” Accordingly, the Union lost two percentage points, reaching only 23 percent and just one percentage point above the SPD.

The SPD gained two percentage points and came to 22 percent. The Greens lost one percentage point and landed at 20 percent. The left also lost a point and fell from a five percent barrier to four percent, according to the poll. The FDP could gain one point and end up at 7 percent. The AfD comes in at 16 percent and has gained one percentage point.

Kantar’s survey differs significantly from surveys conducted by other opinion research institutions. In the Wahlen Research Group’s current political barometer, for example, the CDU/CSU comes in at 28 percent, the SPD at 19 percent, the Greens at 21 percent, the Left at five, the FDP at six and the AfD at 15 percent. . The survey polled 1,389 people.


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