“Britain turned into a circus”


with new elections. But the Tories are against it. They still have a two-year majority and will hold regular elections again in December 2024. You just need to find someone who can unite the team, then the solution will be there.

But I am very skeptical about it. The Tory party has split into many factions. I don’t see anything that can bring them back together.

Anthony Gliss (archive photo): Britain calls for new elections.
Anthony Gliss (archive photo): Britain calls for new elections. (Source: Jane’s Creek/Imago Photo)

Anthony Gliss (74) is a political scientist and contemporary historian, Emeritus Professor of Political Science and European Studies at the University of Buckingham. He is considered an expert on German-British relations, European affairs, and security and intelligence issues.

He said that he was re-elected in the national interest. Boris Johnson is still an MP, so it’s possible. But when he does, he also brings back his own story. The party doesn’t seem to accept it.

And other successor candidates? For example, Johnson traded with the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, who then lost to Truss in the runoff.

Sunak was right: Liz Truss’ politics were children’s fairy tales. But he defeated him, with two-thirds of Tories voting for him, just one-third for him. Tory members will be very reluctant to accept Sunock. And I think British voters will be skeptical too: he’s a millionaire, his wife is Indian and he hasn’t paid taxes properly in Britain. I don’t think he can assert himself now.

What other potential candidates are there?

New Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunt says he won’t run. Interior Minister Suella Braverman, who has resigned, wants to, but is considered right-wing – the party and voters will probably never accept her.

Dissolution of Parliament and re-election will solve this filth. And that is what the king has to do.

Did you marry King Charles III? Such political interference?

If Queen Elizabeth had lived, I think it would have been different. He didn’t really get involved, but he was reasonable and he loved Britain. I think he would say: No, it can’t go on like this.

Opinion polls are clear: Britons do not want this Tory government, even under a different leader. Majority for new elections. So the king can speak for it and it will be respected. But he must have the guts to tell Tory leaders that.

King Charles III: The head of state would have the power to dissolve parliament and thus call for new elections.
King Charles III: The head of state would have the power to dissolve parliament and thus call for new elections. (Source: i-Images/imago images)

And doesn’t Charles have that?

For this he did not reign long. It takes a lot of courage to stand against the government as the head of state. The Tories will say: Your Majesty, you must stay away from party politics.

But the King should then reply: It has nothing to do with party politics, Great Britain has become a circus. This is no longer the government, in this circus every clown wants to be the main clown. It’s not possible, ladies and gentlemen.



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