Transport Minister Wiesing – “Then one person will be happy at last: Vladimir Putin”


Is it realistic that the reform of the most important rail corridors will be successful by 2030, as you plan?

I guess so. We are doing more than just renovating the most important corridors. To be able to block them, we need alternative routes for trains in good time. That’s why we rehabilitate the branch lines first.

Also, some railway lines will have to be reconstructed to enable faster connectivity. What can be learned from the LNG terminal built in just a few months?

We learn that acceleration of planning is possible. And we are already drawing concrete conclusions: certain planning phases in transport infrastructure projects are also being significantly shortened. It saves us several years in some cases, for example in the rail sector. Today’s exception should therefore be the normal case in the future. Incidentally, digitization is also about significantly more speed…

… which continues to waver in Germany

Still yes. There has been much talk in recent years that something must finally be done. But its foundation is not made.

Intelligent: "quote"
Wissing: “Then it won’t work.” (Source: HC PLAMBECK)

What is your goal?

Successful digitization requires uniform standards. For example, a nationwide digital identity. If each federal state defines its own and the federal government also defines one, there are 17 different ones. Then it won’t work.

So federalism is the problem again.

Federalism is not a problem, but a challenge. Some say that digitization is more difficult to advance under federalism. I’m saying it’s possible, and that’s why we have to do it. We are also lagging behind in digitization because we have a strange affinity for paper. The 9-euro ticket was sold around 52 million times, half of which were paper tickets. It can’t be like this.

So 49 euro tickets cannot be obtained on paper is this a benign obligation of the transport minister?

Rather, the digital minister. Some impetus to move things forward will just have to come from the federal government. We don’t want to patronize countries, we want to work with them and support them. This is a historic opportunity to reform public transport.

Let’s go through some specific points that are also important for successful digitization. By when will all households have access to a broadband connection?

By 2030, Germany should have fiber optics across the board and 5G where people move, live and work.


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