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Boris Palmer – “There I am a prophet: he will win”

He implements his team’s core issues, conservation of creation and sustainable action, consistently and decisively. Dropping him from the team would be a fatal signal,” he said about the demands of some.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

But there is no fan Irmingard Forder: “I’ve known her father since the Schwabish Hall mayoral election. He was very earnest and loud, often proletarian and brash. What are you saying? Apples don’t fall far from the tree.”

Politician Helmut Palmer, who died in 2004, is Boris Palmer's father.
Politician Helmut Palmer, who died in 2004, is Boris Palmer’s father and was also controversial at the time. (Source: IMAGO/Horst Rudel)

He continued: “Mr. Palmer has certainly performed well as mayor of Tübingen. Unfortunately, he has learned nothing from his father’s story. It is a shame for a talented politician. He might have had a better chance of becoming Prime Minister of our country.”

“There I am the Prophet: He shall prevail”

Robert Lehner Don’t agree with everything, but “Palmer usually says what many people say the same way”. Our readers will find it childish to expel a politician from the party for this reason. “It’s good that he’s running again without a party, and — I’m a prophet: He’ll win.”

“Unacceptable for long as citizen representative of Tübingen”

Hopefully Robert Lehner’s predictions never come true Klaus Rothfelder Goes: “Mr. Palmer has long been unacceptable as mayor and citizen representative of the city of Tübingen,” he said. “It’s certainly not just about his racist derailment, but his attitude – which is very old-fashioned. If you don’t have the necessary instincts as a public interest person, in current situations like Corona, then Mr. Palmer is not always the master of his senses here.”


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“No shrewd party leadership without this political head”

John strong Said: “Palmer may sometimes be verbally exaggerated, but that should not be grounds for exclusion for a party like the Greens. It would be no different to other democratic parties – at least in the assessment of Palmer as a person (which already is) the principle of proportionality would be broken.” . No shrewd party leadership can do without this political head.”

“Most are going to be out and about indulging their egos”

“What does he really want? Doesn’t he have enough work as mayor?” asks Jurgen Legg Based on Boris Palmer’s numerous provocative statements. “I think he’s egocentric and troublesome. It doesn’t make sense to be a member of a party and take opposing positions on important issues for years.


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