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France’s network operators fear interruptions in power supply

Fears are growing in France that attacks on nuclear power plants could threaten electricity production. Germany should come to the aid of its neighbors.

France’s power grid operator RTE sees the country’s supply security ahead of a potential winter crisis due to strikes at nuclear power plants. After half of France’s 56 nuclear power plants were offline for maintenance, the strike has now delayed the restart of some plants for weeks, RTE announced in Paris on Tuesday. “An extension of the labor dispute would have a significant impact on the winter center,” the network operator’s analysis said. At least six reactors, which should come back online by the end of October, have been affected by the strike

Many of the power plants that have shut down are due to suspension of maintenance during the corona crisis, which is being built now, and corrosion problems for which about a dozen power plants are being tested. Initially, the work progressed according to plan, but now the strike of power plant workers is jeopardizing the start-up of as many nuclear power plants as possible before winter, writes RTE. Consequently, there is a very weak risk to security of supply in the second half of October and a moderate risk in early November.

Germany should supply electricity to its neighbors

Due to fears of supply disruptions, France has agreed to supply electricity from Germany and in return has been supplying Germany with natural gas since last Thursday. France has filled 98 percent of its own gas storage facilities since the end of last week. According to an RTE analysis, France’s gas supply has little to worry about Even in a cold winter, the application of austerity to the population was sufficient to prevent problems.


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