AKW Power Words from Chancellor Scholz: Perfect staging


I don’t find her stalling and waiting so bad. Chancellors are advised to trust their ministers and not see dissent as sacrosanct. Incidentally, Gerhard Schroeder was an expert on this subject. He gave it up until he was exhausted. His catchphrase (“It is necessary and we will do it”) was heard at a trade union congress in the fall of 2000 and referred to in Rister Pension.

In retrospect, one might almost assume that Scholzen’s word of power had something of theatrical thunder about it. Over the weekend it was surrounded by all sorts of hints from Ricardo Lang and others.

Who lost this time?

Then the infernal trio Lindner/Habeck/Scholz meet and break up without resolution. And now this letter of authority.

Words of power lead to winners and losers. But who lost this time? Robert Habeck tells us he can work with a solution. 2 Mile 3 has passed, but the April 2023 deadline remains, enough for him after a carefree party convention.

Christian Lindner’s satisfaction is that three miles have now been allowed to continue – but this is only small consolation for the weakened FDP, which would have preferred a longer maturity. And the SPD should enjoy the chancellor’s power. The theatrical quality lies in the staging of Olaf Scholz as an energetic, determined chancellor.

The audience must be surprised

Our Olaf, not a procrastinator, not a hesitater when it comes down to it, but someone who says where to go: the audience should be surprised and their prejudices should be converted.

Ultimately, this term of power was probably contractual. Since Habeck and Lindner were at odds, the chancellor had to intervene and was able to radiate power, but no new authority grew from it.

The Greens may live better with its solution than the FDP, which is likely to remain a volatile constant in the coalition. And that is why the government remains shaky after the word of power as before the word of power.



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