About An Will I Russian writer Irofiev Putin: "Ready to destroy the world"


Is peace with Putin conceivable? Russian author Viktor Erofeev gives a gloomy assessment of the Kremlin boss in “An Will.” Ukraine’s counterattack on the Crimean bridge and similar attacks have weakened Vladimir Putin’s position. That the Kremlin chief responded by attacking civilians far from the front lines could give some breathing room to hardliners in his own country. On the other hand, the Russian president is thus undermining the already limited opportunities for dialogue with Ukraine and the West. The attacks are an expression of Putin’s frustration, said Russian author Victor Xerofeziu on Ann Will’s ARD talk show Sunday evening. “Missiles at Civilian Targets – Must Putin Stop?” “He will do everything to avoid looking like a loser,” warned the author, who fled to Germany in the spring and characterized the Russian president as a “backward thug” and a “man of war.” Accepts wrongly, but is “ready to destroy the world together with himself.” At the same time, the regime is in a state of agony, which may well drag on, but is ultimately a mortal agony, according to the author, who fled to Germany in the spring. Guests Martin Schulz (SPD), chairman of the Friedrich-Ebert-FoundationMarie-Agnes Strack- Zimmermann (FDP), defense expert Marina Weisband (Bundenis 90/Die Grünen), German-Ukrainian journalist Viktor Xerofezu, Russian writer Sarah Pagung (German Society for Foreign Relation), Russia expert “Putin is trying. Do a lot of terror” “This is not really a new phase. It is now a phase where Putin is trying to do a lot of terror,” was Marina Wijsband’s assessment of the current situation. The German-Ukrainian journalist was convinced that Putin’s next move would be to “preach for a cease-fire as soon as possible.” “The best thing that can happen to him now is that the conflict freezes,” said the Kiev native. The Russian president will then use the time gained to rearm, train the armed forces and prepare for a new offensive early next year. Accordingly, the preacher’s conclusion was: “The best we can do is not go into it.” Russia experts don’t believe in talks anytime soon. Political scientist Sarah Pagung, on the other hand, thinks it unlikely that Putin will notice. A ceasefire was negotiated soon. Rather, he makes partial mobilization, annexation and negotiation impossible with his extreme brutality. On the one hand, Putin is now concerned with securing what Russia has won and not yet lost, and on the other hand with heavy losses to reduce Ukraine’s ability to recover further, the Russia expert explained. Pagung could do nothing to hope for effective resistance within Russia. Support for Putin and the government’s overall course is declining only slightly, although significantly more people now look to the future with anxiety. Putin is supported by the majority, confirmed Erofaev. This is also due to the secret culture, which is spread throughout Russia. “Gopniki” is a more or less criminal suburban euphemism in Russian. “This culture of violence appeals to a lot of people, and we really have to take it into account. It’s a plight in our country,” the author commented. “When I say Russia is dead, I don’t mean that Putin killed the country,” he said. Instead, Russia slowly dies because no common values ​​can be found and in this sense it is not a nation, but a people with an ancient attitude. “The tsar is our destiny, and destiny is the tsar,” was the phrase the 75-year-old described the basic attitude of his compatriots. A solution to the current conflict. This could be achieved, for example, by a joint word of authority from US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. “Putin is the only person who listens to Comrade Xi,” Yerofeev noted. Politician Martin Schulz confirmed. He also followed a refrain and quite critical tone from Beijing in the past few days and felt that things could progress at the G20 summit in Bali in mid-November. According to Scholz, the presence of India in particular, which has good relations with both China and the US, could prove helpful in this context. The fact that one can hope for a diplomatic solution in the near future, but cannot count on it, goes from the words of Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. The defense committee chairman renewed his call for German tanks to be delivered to Ukraine and called for all “excuses” to be put aside. “We are losing an unimaginable amount of time,” criticized liberals At the same time, given Germany’s potential, Strack-Zimmermann called for a more aggressive leadership role in arms supply support. “No one in Europe or the US is afraid that Germany will do too much,” the FDP politician summarized.



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