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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Which countries can still stop Putin?

The Kremlin is firing rockets at Ukrainian cities and Putin’s aggression continues. The solutions are featured in the T-Online podcast.

For months it was relatively quiet in Kyiv and the west of the country. Then the twist: After the Crimean bridge explosion, Russia fired missiles at large parts of Ukraine, including civilian targets. What is the lesson from this? Is the West’s response to the aggression of the Kremlin chief enough? And which country still has influence on the president?

In the current episode of the T-Online podcast “Daybreak a Weekend,” host Lisa Fritts talks about this with Peter Schink, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and Mark von Lupke, Editor of Politics and Contemporary History. Here you can hear why the war may soon take a different course and which sanctions could hit Russia the hardest:


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