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Andriy Melnyk Exclusively: "Then you’re a little speechless, to be honest"

Andriy Melnyk’s lecture on the Ukraine war is like no other. He spoke to T-Online about his time in Germany – and attacked two leading politicians. Last week the ambassador of Ukraine had a difficult time: Andriy Melnyk not only had to leave for Kiev, he also caught a bad cold. He packed moving boxes late Friday night. With his departure from Berlin, the term of office of perhaps the most controversial Ukrainian diplomat comes to an end. T-Online was able to exclusively conduct the last interview with Andriy Melnyk during his ambassadorship as he made his way back home to support more. How satisfied are you with what Berlin is doing? Andriy Melnyk: We are grateful that Ukraine is gradually getting the weapons it needs. The best example is of course the Iris-T anti-aircraft system, which was a labor of love for me and which was recently delivered. I have personally campaigned for weeks to achieve this breakthrough which will save many lives. This is one side of the coin. The other is that we still have to wait for the German Leopard, Marder, Fox and many other weapon systems. We know that the Bundeswehr has been able to deliver quickly for months, and the industry can deliver very quickly as well. The first tanks would have been possible from the end of March to the beginning of April and this remains on our agenda. I hope my successor will be able to bring a positive decision to the traffic light. For us, it is decisive for the war. You can see which politicians Berlin Melnik always values ​​and any historical comparisons to outgoing ambassador Putin in the video above or by clicking here. Are you frustrated with federal government delays? I am very disappointed, one has to say – unfortunately – even today. The official reasons for the federal government are well known: the first bogus argument is that Germany does not want to go it alone with tanks The second reason, which seems more convincing to me, is that they no longer want to provoke Russia. We still do not understand this logic based on old thinking. This incredible brutality and unspeakable brutality against the civilian population is still after what happened in Ukraine. Why will the leopard tank run suddenly cross a red line? Putin needs no prodding, he acts from inner conviction and then builds his world. And that is why the German arguments are not conclusive for us, but artificial. We urgently need main battle tanks before winter sets in. Not only in eastern Ukraine, where we are advancing rapidly at the moment, but also in the south so that we can liberate Kherson and other occupied territories more quickly before the window closes. That’s what we’re doing, and we hear no arguments against it. And of course the Americans could have delivered first. But for me and all Ukrainians this is a poor excuse, a game of cat and mouse for not doing what is right. How do you explain the hesitant behavior of the German government? Recent polls show that a majority of the German public favors supplying us with more heavy weaponry and supporting Ukraine more actively. In other words, the Chancellor would not risk offending the people if he provided these weapons. The only reason – reasonable from my point of view – is that Germany wants to send a political signal to Moscow: we can quickly be ready to negotiate or, for example, one day to act as a mediator again. But I can’t see that now. Because there is currently no mediation effort – at least not from the German side It’s a pity, because Germany can also help with what is needed here. I never called for the blue of the sky, only what the Federal Republic can achieve. But this requires political will. We have shown that the Ukrainians are able to quickly liberate the occupied territories. This should be an incentive or more incentive for the Chancellor to do more than just wait and see. Chancellor Scholz recently said that Putin was going to use gas as a weapon, something he already knew. What did you think when you read this? It surprised me, to be honest. We still have very clear memories of Putin’s policy of appeasement since the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Donbass. How Berlin campaigned for Nord Stream 2, trying to defend itself against US sanctions and how Groco always gave strong support to the pipeline project. I can still remember many conversations with high representatives of the Merkel government, who dismissed all our warnings. Whenever I loudly drummed up against the project, behind the scenes we were threatened with consequences for our bilateral relations. And that’s why, when you see and hear it, you’re honestly a little speechless. You told T-Online about the conversation with Finance Minister Christian Lindner (read more about it here). You later called it the “worst” thing in your life. Have you already spoken to Mr. Lindner? No, unfortunately not. I have at least tried to do this from my side, even in the last few months. Before I left, I also requested a meeting, we saw each other at receptions and events, but unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to clear this up. At least I tried. Also through mutual friends, but unfortunately that was not possible. In the past you have harshly criticized some German politicians, such as the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Manuela Schweissig (SPD), or Michael Kreschmer (CDU), the Prime Minister. of Saxony. Do you think some German politicians are insufferable? You can now see what has been happening to Russia for decades and what deadly policies have been followed. What amazes me, not only about the aforementioned politicians, is that despite this barbaric war against Ukraine, despite this ongoing criminal aggression against our civilians, despite the devastating consequences that all Germans feel in their own wallets – that these politicians, such as Kretschmer or Schwesig , don’t even consider their decisions self-critically or at least thoughtfully. Everyone can see that they have backed the wrong horse, the completely wrong horse, in this race for supposedly cheap gas. So you feel some politicians lack understanding? After everything that has happened and what the Germans are suffering now, it has reached a point where I can’t believe how shameless these politicians behave. There was no mistake, no impudence or recklessness, it was a conscious and targeted policy with which Germany placed herself in a dangerous dependence and greatly limited maneuver to respond decisively to a war of aggression. And now these and other politicians are backing away from their responsibilities as if nothing happened – I don’t understand at all. But the voters of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the other federal states and the federal government must decide that politicians who tell them one thing and do the opposite should not be punished at the polls. After all, all Germans must now pay three, four or tenfold for this defeat in Russian policy In a ZDF interview you said that your successor should do some things better than you What exactly are you thinking about? The challenges that lie ahead are not small, but in some cases bigger than my day. For example, he also has to think about solidarity in Germany Germans stand by Ukraine despite this energy crisis, inflation and existential dread that you can literally feel. Despite this high price, this will be the first major task for my successor. And of course he needs to see how the federal government can support us more. For example, we need new German weapons faster than ever. I have tried to lay the groundwork for it – also for projects that will only be implemented within the year Can you explain it more specifically? For example, I tried to get the RCH-155 Howitzer from Krause-Maffei Wegman. This is the best howitzer in the world, a really powerful weapon. But it takes months, even years, to start production. But the bottom line is, even if the war ends quickly, we need to build up Ukraine’s resilience. So that if the Russians continue to fight, we will be better equipped and armed. From my perspective, it is important to set the long-term path so that we are prepared for a new, possibly much more brutal, Russian war. We want to develop closer and closer to NATO standards. Because otherwise we cannot survive. And that’s why the federal government needs to start seriously thinking about smart preventative measures. The next time the Russians learn that we have not just one system, but 20 IRIS-T systems, they may not be sure if they are shelling our cities so extensively with modern ballistic missiles. They lived in Germany for years: first you worked in Hamburg and later in Berlin. Is it difficult for you to say goodbye to Germany? Yes, it is very difficult for me to say goodbye. I’d be lying if I said, “Forget it. I’m on my way now and that’s it.” For me, Germany was much more than just a job. It was a big part of my life. It was our universe. I just don’t care because Germany is and will be important to Ukraine as an ally. But because I always love this country. Otherwise I would not have mastered the German language, would not have known the history and culture and everything that now connects me and my family to this country. And that’s why it’s so hard for me to say goodbye. You’re going back to Kiev, a city that’s constantly being bombed. How do you feel now back in the capital of Ukraine? I’m happy because I like coming home. I will see my family, my mother and sister, both nieces, who spent the first two months with us in Berlin from the beginning of the war and then came back. My brother-in-law, my father-in-law, many friends have always stayed in Kyiv and I am happy to see them again. You will probably have a different view of what happened in Germany. Perhaps a more critical view. Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Ambassador!


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