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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Ukraine reported four Russian missile strikes

According to information from Kiev, the Russian military has once again used Iran-made combat drones. Six drones were shot down. Three Russian ammunition depots and several anti-aircraft system sites were hit, according to reports.

Russia: Fire at fuel depot near Ukraine border

3.40 pm: A fire broke out at a fuel depot in the Russian region of Belgorod, near Ukraine, according to Russian sources. The reason was the shelling, Governor Bacheslav Gladkov said, without elaborating. The fire was extinguished. Russia has repeatedly blamed Ukraine for the destruction in the Belgorod region.

Russian soldiers have to buy their own body armor

2:55 PM: Russian reservists are being sent to war against Ukraine with inadequate equipment, according to British reports. Teams of Russian reservists have been deployed to Ukraine over the past two weeks, the British Ministry of Defense wrote in its regular intelligence update on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. “The average level of their personal gear is almost certainly lower than the already poor supply of previously deployed troops.”

Many reservists will likely need to purchase their own body armor, particularly a modern Type 6B45 body armor, which was originally supposed to be issued to general combat troops as part of the Russian Ratnik equipment program. Their prices have more than tripled in Russian online retail since April.

Russian troops: Material is obviously scarce.
Russian troops: Material is obviously scarce. (Source: Uncredited)

Russia sends first troops to Belarus for joint forces

2:38 pm: Russia has sent its first troops to the neighboring country for joint forces with Belarus. The Belarusian Defense Ministry in Minsk confirmed the arrival of several trains carrying Russian troops on Saturday. Read more about this here.

Russian sources: Ukraine’s new offensive in the south near Cherson

1:17 p.m: According to Russian information, the Ukrainian army has launched a new offensive to liberate the occupied Cherson region in the south of the country. However, different information was received on Saturday. Kirill Stremasov, deputy chief of the occupation administration, said there was only artillery fire. The Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow said the attack had been repelled. In contrast, Russian military bloggers reported on the ongoing bitter fighting. The Ukrainian army uses many tanks and armored vehicles.

The towns of Dudchani and Mylo are targets of the offensive to further reduce the area occupied by Russian troops on the northwest bank of the Dnipro. In recent weeks, Ukraine has systematically cut off potential Russian retreat routes across the river with long-range artillery fire. As in previous incidents, the Ukrainian side did not provide any information about the attack.


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