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Saturday, November 26, 2022

The thermal power plant in the Russian border town of Belgorod burned after an explosion

The United States will give more rocket launchers to Ukraine

2.30 PM: The United States is providing more military aid to Ukraine, providing the country with artillery shells, anti-tank weapons and vehicles. The US government announced on Saturday night that the aid package is worth up to 725 million dollars (745.6 million euros). Since Russia’s war of aggression began in February, the United States has committed nearly $17.6 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

According to the US Department of Defense, among other things, additional ammunition will now be provided for the Himmers multiple rocket launchers. In addition, it is about 23,000 155-millimeter artillery shells, 5,000 anti-tank weapons, more than 200 SUVs known as “Humvees”, as well as handguns and two million units of ammunition for them. The supply includes missiles capable of targeting radar or radio transmitters as well as 500 precision artillery shells.

Putin: Mobilization will be complete in two weeks

2.15 PM: Russian President Vladimir Putin expects the call-up of Russian repatriates to be completed within the next two weeks. “I think that all mobilization activities will be completed in about two weeks,” Putin told a news conference in Kazakhstan. Of the 300,000 reservists, 222,000 have already been mobilized. For now, Russia is not planning any more large-scale airstrikes in Ukraine.

President of Tajikistan criticized Putin

2.10 am: At a summit between Russia and five former Soviet republics in Central Asia, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had to listen to criticism of Moscow’s priorities, which he accepted. Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon said Friday in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana that Russia should not ignore the interests of smaller countries, as it did during the Soviet era. “Then and, forgive me, even today, small republics, small peoples were ignored,” he said.

The traditions and culture of Central Asians were not respected. “There was no help, no support,” said the president of Tajikistan. The International Economic Forum is organized only in Moscow, Minsk (Belarus), Kyiv (Ukraine) or Almaty (Kazakhstan). “For other republics it was just: send milk, send cotton, send this and that!”.

Microsoft finds cyber attack on Ukrainian infrastructure

2 o’clock: Transport and logistics companies in Ukraine and Poland have become targets of a new attack using encryption software. A previously unknown malware was spread in a series of attacks earlier in the week, software company Microsoft announced Friday. Security experts did not speculate on the source of the attack, but noted that the targets were similar to previous Russian cyberattacks.

In so-called ransomware attacks, computers are encrypted by malware and thus rendered unusable. According to IT security experts, Ukraine has already been the target of various cyber attacks by hackers linked to the Russian secret services.

Military: Many Russian weapons are destroyed near Luhansk

1.20 am: According to the Ukrainian military, Ukrainian forces destroyed a large amount of Russian weapons and equipment in anthracite south of Luhansk. The military also said on its Facebook page that Russian forces fired artillery and aerial fire at several towns, including the towns of Konstantinivka and Zaporizhia, southwest of Bakhmut. Reuters could not independently verify this information.


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