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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Moscow police to round up recruits in operation

The independent portal “Mediazona” also reports on the raid on the hostel. Accordingly, operations will primarily target migrant workers living in hostels. But the state does not stop for homeless people either, dozens were recently picked up from the streets and taken to recruitment offices, writes “Mediazona”, citing an aid agency.

Putin: 220,000 soldiers have already been drafted

An employee of a food distribution center also reported on raids against the poorest: “The police come here without asking. They see people standing in line for food, grab them by the neck and put them on buses against their will.” Even in front of subway stations, police officers lurk and military-age men hand out their draft notices, as these images distributed on Twitter document:

On September 21, Kremlin chief Putin ordered a partial mobilization in Russia to recruit new troops for the war against Ukraine. It was officially stated that 300,000 reservists should be drafted, but the actual number may ultimately be significantly higher. At a conference in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana, Putin said 220,000 men had been drafted so far. However, it is questionable whether those who have mobilized can turn the tide of war in Russia’s favor.

Now there are increasing reports of Russian soldiers being killed on the front days after being captured or recalled by the Ukrainians. The Russian army clearly lacks the funds to properly train and equip men. Due to the chaotic situation, more and more Russian troops are reportedly refusing orders or surrendering to the Ukrainians instead of fighting. A mutiny involving more than 100 troops was reported recently at a Russian base near the Ukrainian border.


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