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+ News Blog About Ukraine War + Cherson’s pro-Russian administration wants to evacuate civilians

Ukraine has identified 186 suspected Russian war criminals

3:48 pm: According to its attorney general, Ukraine has so far identified 186 suspected Russian war criminals. Only a few of them are already in custody, Attorney General Andriy Kostin said Thursday in The Hague. The level of crime is immense, he said. There are indications that every kind of war crime, such as torture, murder, rape or expulsion, has been committed since the war began.

Of the 45 cases, according to Kostin’s data, that have been closed and handed over to court, 10 have already been convicted. In addition, according to the European judicial authority Eurojust, 20 investigations were opened in other countries. The international special unit on war crimes in the Ukraine war meets at Eurojust. Seven countries and the International Criminal Court are working together on the investigation. Most recently, Romania joined the group on Thursday.

After recent Russian rocket attacks, Ukrainian investigators are gathering leads and evidence, the prosecutor general said. He spoke of “terrorist activities” that would be prosecuted. “Every missile impact, every explosion, every hit on a civilian target – everything is documented.”

A call to flee the occupying administration in Cherson

2.45 PM: The Russian-controlled occupation administration in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region is asking Moscow to evacuate civilians from the area. “We have suggested that all residents of the Kherson region who want to escape the Ukrainian offensive can move to Russian territory,” the head of the occupation administration, Vladimir Saldo, told Telegram. “Take your children and go,” he urged residents.

Saldo asked Moscow’s leadership to help arrange the evacuation. The Cherson region, which was annexed by Russia at the end of September, has been the target of counterattacks by the Ukrainian army for several weeks, which has managed to advance further. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin said on state television that his government was preparing to evacuate people from the Kherson region to other parts of the country. “We will provide everyone with accommodation and everything they need,” Khusnulin said.

Report: Russian army to stop attacks in part

12:57 pm: The Russian army should no longer be part of the frontline and try to conquer other areas of Ukraine. This was reported by the “Kyiv Independent” platform, citing Ukrainian general workers. Read more about this here.

Moldova is considering partial integration due to Russia

Image 73066876
Moldovan troops: Will the country respond to a Russian threat with partial mobilization? (Source: Imago Stock & People/Imago Images)

12:25 pm: Moldova is apparently considering imposing partial solidarity in the face of Russian threats. Moldovan Defense Minister Anatoly Nosati told Pro TV. However, Nosatiy qualifies that a thorough analysis of the situation is required beforehand.


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