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+ News blog on Ukraine war + Russia reportedly lost more than 90,000 troops

Russian airstrikes were less intense than on Monday, when more than 80 rockets and cruise missiles were fired. Although the Ukrainian air defense managed to intercept about half of them, according to their own statement, many power supply facilities and civilian objects were hit across the country. Shots also fell in the center of the capital, Kiev.

NATO: No indication of imminent entry of Belarus into war

7:34 PM: NATO has seen no evidence that Belarus wants to take an active part in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Despite the deployment of troops on the border with Ukraine, it is still believed that the country does not want to formally intervene in the war, a representative of the military alliance said on the sidelines of a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels on Wednesday. He cited the threat of Western sanctions as a possible reason.

Referring to Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, he said: “I don’t think we should doubt that Lukashenko understands that the full force of the sanctions imposed on Russia will also be used against Belarus if the Belarusian armed forces carry out similar operations against Ukraine.”

Lukashenko recently announced the formation of a joint regional military unit between his country’s armed forces and the Russian army. However, the country of ten million people has not yet actively participated in the war of aggression against Ukraine. But according to the West, Belarus serves as a staging post and retreat area for Russia.

Report: Russia loses 90,000 troops in Ukraine war

6:51 PM: The Russian army has reportedly lost more than 90,000 soldiers since the Ukraine war began. It was reported by the Russian investigative platform “iStories”, citing officials of the Russian secret service. The “irreparable loss” cited in the report includes those killed in action, those who die of wounds, missing persons and those returning from war who are unable to return to military service due to injuries.

Russia is very flexible about its own losses. The United States and Great Britain talk of troop levels of 70,000 to 80,000 in August and September.

US Chief of Staff: Russia Deliberately Injured Civilians in Ukraine

6:48 pm: US Chief of Staff Mark Milley strongly condemned Russia’s recent missile attack on Ukraine. “In the last few days, Russia has intensified attacks on civilian infrastructure,” Milli said in Brussels on Wednesday after talks with the so-called International Ukraine Contact Group, which coordinates arms deliveries to the country.

“Russia has deliberately attacked civilian infrastructure to hurt civilians. They have targeted the elderly, women and children of Ukraine,” Mili said. “Indiscriminate and deliberate attacks on civilian targets are a war crime under the international laws of war.”

Ukrainian Air Force: Downed four Russian helicopters in 18 minutes

5:46 pm: On Wednesday morning, Ukraine’s air force said it shot down four combat helicopters belonging to Russian troops in the south of the country. The encounter reportedly took place between 8.40 am and 8.58 am, the Air Force wrote on Facebook. Three helicopters reportedly crashed in Russian-controlled territory, the fourth in territory taken from Ukraine.


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