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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Is Belarus sending tanks to war around Lukashenko?

So far during the war, Belarus has supplied Russia with weapons, but no armed forces. On Monday, ruler Alexander Lukashenko announced that he would set up a joint military unit with the Russian army. According to Lukashenko, the reason for this is the growing tension on the border with Ukraine. Belarusian troops should help Russia, but not actively participate in the war. Openly entering the war would be very unpopular in Belarus and might be met with public resistance.

However, independent Belarusian journalist and security expert Tadeusz Gikzhan considers Lukashenko’s reference to tensions with Ukraine to be a pretext and accuses the regime of warmongering. “Lukashenko has completely twisted the facts with his portrayal,” Gikjan wrote on Twitter. “The Russians are not sending troops and supplies to Belarus, but Belarus is sending tanks from its warehouses to Russia,” Gikjan wrote, referring to the train of T-72 tanks documented by the “Hazun project.”


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