Tensions in the war in Ukraine? So he could provoke Armageddon


From Russia’s point of view, the war in Ukraine is not only at a standstill, but is even forcing the Russian army to withdraw partially to the east and south. Additionally, the war, which has come down to promotion for special operations, has now reached Russia, as the rush to recruit 300,000 new troops is leading to an explosion of war management and public criticism. The US Secret Service even claimed that criticism of Putin was privately expressed to the inner circle of power. That speculation or someone sitting at the table chatting?


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A nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon. They radiate people and cities. They symbolize the ultimate brutality in modern warfare. Exactly 60 years ago, logic on both sides averted Armageddon, causing Soviet ships carrying intermediate-range missiles bound for Cuba to turn around at the last minute. And this time?

“Strategic” nuclear weapons are an understatement

The smallest strategic nuclear weapon has a yield of about 0.3 kilotons, equivalent to 1,000 tons of explosives. 0.3 kilotons is paltry compared to “Little Boy” (Hiroshima) with about 13 and “Fat Man” (Nagasaki) with about 21 kilotons. The “short” radius of action should allow the use of tactical nuclear missiles not too far from one’s own troops. However, it depends on how the wind is and whether it turns at the wrong moment.

Also, the adjective “strategic” is an understatement, no question. Strategic nuclear weapons are capable of causing destruction and releasing large amounts of radioactivity. In its trading games, NATO also assumed that strategic nuclear weapons could be used in a controlled manner. That said, a war doesn’t escalate into a full-scale nuclear exchange where the first shooter kills the second. It will truly be Armageddon.

Germany does not want to upset Putin

You have to trust Putin with his back against the wall to resort to last resort and turn to war using tactical nuclear weapons. As it is possible, for example, it explodes a strategic warhead in the atmosphere and thus sends the message: either Ukraine will intervene immediately or one of our 2,000 warheads will be used directly there.

What do Westerners do? What can he do? Strike back nuclear? The US will not, that much is clear. Armageddon, no thanks.

Concerned about such consequences, the American president and the German chancellor have refrained from supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons capable of reaching the heart of Russia, its companion. Don’t tease my lion, Schiller said. Just don’t bother Putin too much, was the insight.

Let’s hope it pays off and Putin’s threat remains just a threat in the end.



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