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The Swedish Coast Guard found a fourth leak in the pipeline

The Swedish Coast Guard found a fourth leak in the Nord Stream pipeline on Tuesday. A seismologist talks about the third explosion.

Sweden’s coast guard has discovered a fourth leak in the Nord Stream pipeline. According to authorities, the crack in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline should extend to a length of about 200 meters. The fourth leak is northeast of the island of Bornholm in Swedish waters. “Svenska Dagbladet” first reported the new leak on Wednesday evening.

The Coast Guard has not issued new navigation warnings for vessels. This is not necessary because the fourth leak is between two known leaks in the parallel Nord Stream 1 pipeline. According to the Coast Guard, the leak was found during a reconnaissance mission involving ships and aircraft on Tuesday.

(Source: Heike Assmann)

Investigation: There were three explosions?

So far, four leaks have been found in both pipelines of Nord Stream: two of them are in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and each extends about 900 meters in the Simrishamn layer. The Danish and Swedish economic zones have one leak each. Another leak is on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline southeast of the island of Bornholm and in the Danish economic zone. The fourth leak that has now become known is between the two Nord Stream 1 leaks mentioned above and is also located in the Swedish Economic Zone.

Meanwhile, Swedish seismologist Björn Lund is following another clue. Based on the seismic wave action, he suspects that there may have been another explosion nearby shortly after the Nord Stream 1 explosion. However, this is not yet certain, says Lund of “Aftonbladet”. The apparent wave movement may also be a reflection of the first explosion.


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