Russia presented observers to the “referendum”.

Now he has apparently arrived on very short notice for the so-called “referendum”, which began on Friday amid widespread international criticism. Residents of the regions around Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia should cast their votes by Tuesday: “Yes or no to union with Russia?” Given Russia’s retaliation, a resounding “yes” is expected in the “referendum” by Tuesday.

Tass quotes Schaller as saying that he traveled long and did not have time to reach many conclusions. He was there at Russia’s invitation, and before he arrived he received “detailed information about the history of the region” and relations between Russia and Ukraine.

According to media reports, Schaller also made a statement in Russia’s interest: everything is very well organized and people are enthusiastic about the vote. German explains to reporters that there was tension. This can be explained by intimidation, but he has a feeling that people wanted to prevent something bad from happening by voting.

An Italian hailing in Donetsk

Russian sources speak of “election observers” numbering three. For the vote in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” recognized by Russia, Tass presented Italian Eliseo Bartolazzi as a witness to the orderly process. In the past, Bartolazzi published pro-Russian articles on the portal of fascist ideologue Alexander Dugin.

On the other hand, in his homeland in northern Hesse, Schaller had not previously attracted public attention with a particularly pro-Russian stance. In March, the managing director of the regional energy supplier with 380 employees said in an interview with the Waldecksche Landeszeitung that the shortage of Russian gas was planned by Russia. “We thought Gazprom was undersupplying to raise gas prices. But, since Russia invaded Ukraine, we know the real reason.” Given these critical statements, it is surprising that he supports a “referendum”.


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