The fatal shooting of a journalist was probably deliberate

Israel is not launching a criminal investigation

According to Israeli data, the shots could not be clearly assigned after the investigation was completed. Criminal investigation should not be initiated – Army attorney general says there is no suspicion of criminal wrongdoing.

An investigation in the United States had previously concluded that the fatal bullet was fired by the Israeli military, but that Abu Akle was not shot intentionally.

Funeral service for Abu Aql: Army attorney general sees no suspicion of wrongdoing. (Source: IMAGO/Eyad Jadallah)

Investigations into “forensic architecture” are now casting serious doubt on these official findings. Experts from the team, based at London’s renowned Goldsmiths University, carefully reconstructed the incident using video recordings, witness statements and a technique called geo-location.

The press vest was clearly visible throughout the incident

His documentation shows that Abu Akle and fellow journalists traveling with him were deliberately and repeatedly targeted by Israeli gunmen. The reconstruction also shows that the reporters’ press vests were clearly visible to the shooters throughout the incident.

Also, according to the investigation, the shot was fired above the shoulder with the aim of killing. The analysis also shows that there were no other people between the journalists and the convoy of military vehicles at the time of the incident.

Their analysis “provides detailed forensic evidence for the clear purpose of holding perpetrators legally accountable – as we can demonstrate here – for the deliberate and repeated targeting of Shirin and his colleagues by Israeli forces”.


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