Ukraine-Russia hegemony in Luhansk

The EU has approved billions of dollars more in aid

11:45 am: Ukraine can expect another five billion euros of EU financial assistance in the near future. EU states officially received billions in aid on Tuesday, the Czech Council Presidency announced. The financial package has thus cleared its last hurdle and should therefore be paid off soon. The loan should ensure that the Ukrainian state and important infrastructure can continue to work despite the Russian war against the country, said Czech Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura.

The loan is backed by national guarantees from EU countries, as the Commission says the current EU budget is running out of resources. The money is part of an aid package announced in May totaling nine billion euros. At the beginning of August, one billion euros had already been paid. It is now necessary to ensure that the remaining three billion euros are also quickly approved, Stanzura said.

Ukraine: Russia loses control over occupied Luhansk territory

10:32 am: Ukraine has recaptured the village of Bilohoryvka near the eastern city of Lysychansk. The British “Guardian” reported. As a result, Russia no longer has full control over the Luhansk region, one of President Putin’s key war targets. Video footage shared on Telegram showed Ukrainian soldiers on foot patrolling a devastated street as their counterattack forced Russian troops to evacuate previously occupied areas.

Russia: Seven killed near Luhansk

9:23 am: The Russian news agency Tass reported that seven people were killed in the Ukrainian attack on the Russian-controlled part of the Luhansk region. The attack was aimed at Krasnorichensk, TASS reported, citing authorities deployed there by Russia. The place is located between the cities of Svatove and Sjewerodonetsk. According to previous information from the British Secret Service, one of the few main supply lines still functioning from the Russian border region of Belgorod runs nearby.

Ukrainians block construction of a bridge near Cherson

9.16 am: Ukrainian forces reported the sinking of a barge in southern Ukraine’s Kherson region. Russian troops used it to try to transport troops and equipment across a river near Nova Kakhovka. “An attempt to build a pontoon bridge failed to withstand shelling by Ukrainian forces and was abandoned. The barge … became an addition to the occupier’s submarine force,” the military wrote on Facebook.

Lease Truss has pledged huge financial aid to Ukraine

9.06 am: Ahead of her speech to the UN General Assembly, British Prime Minister Liz Truss pledged at least £2.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine next year. British support will reach at least the same amount as this year, the new head of government announced on Tuesday. “The exact details should be determined based on the needs of Ukraine’s armed forces,” the government said in London. This probably included multiple rocket launchers.


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